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Let the Walls Come Down
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October - December, 2001

Let the Walls Come Down!

Resource Page:  Helping Students Cope with Terrorisim

Peace Poems - Grahamwood Elementary CLUE students invite classes from around the world to contribute to an ongoing poem about peace: Peace Talk. This collaborative poem commemorates all those touched by the tragedy of 11 September 2001 and extends our sincere hopes for world peace.  Our poem begins:

Peace is a puzzle waiting to be solved,
Peace is a story waiting to be told.

Will you help us create a living poem about peace?
Teacher Editor, Wanda Day
whday@earthlink.net, Memphis, TN

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Let the Walls Come Down!  Students explore the visible and invisible walls in our world and determine ways to break down barriers. Participants will take a virtual tour through the catacombs of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, identify the different reasons various walls (Great Wall of China, Berlin Wall, the Wall of Shame, Washington War Memorial, Western Wall) were built and brainstorm for ways to break down the invisible walls that prevent people from connecting with one another.  
Teacher Editor - Brenda Dyck dyckba@home.com -  Calgary, Alberta

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Compound Web Sites - 3-D Chemistry projects on the Web provide excellent tutorials for any chemistry student.  Any chemistry student is invited to join the excitement by creating original 3-D models.  You will find a sample assignment and project examples to inspire your students.
Teacher Editor - Gray Rushin gray_rushin@caryacademy.org - Cary Academy, Cary, NC

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BOOM - Book Reviews On-line Over Marrumba:   See what Australian students think of Harry Potter and other great books...and share your own reviews with other schools.  Become a "Boomer" and get "blown away" by this international project. Learn how to write book reviews, exchange ideas with students in other schools, and more.
Project Managers:  Sel Kerans sel.kerans@qed.qld.gov.au and Betty Stewart ste01@kippringss.qld.edu.au, Queensland, Australia

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Boil, Boil, Toil & Trouble What makes water boil?  Does altitude or climate have anything to do with the boiling point?  Explore the possibilities with students and compare your data with other locations.  This real-time data-driven project fits most science curriculums and the results are fun!
Sponsored by CIESE and Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

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