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October--February 2003


  • Excuse Busters!  A great way to start the new year!  What are excuses? Why do we give them? 'Excuse Busters!' will explore all these questions and more. What will you come out knowing at the end of this assignment? More about yourself and a plan to help you get where you're going- without excuses!                        
    Teacher Editor, Brenda Dyck, Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta

  • Political Cartooning Web Quest - Take a stand on a burning issue!  Design  a political cartoon based on a local or national event or current issue.  Write an analysis of your cartoon and compare it to others created by students around the world.
    Teacher Editor, Karen Kliegman, Searingtown School, Abertson, NY

  • Eleanor Rigby Project: Who are the homeless? We see them on the streets, cocooned in doorways, pushing overloaded shopping carts, standing on corners announcing their troubles on cardboard signs. Old, young, men, women...Who are they? Where did they come from? Explore the answers with students around the world.
    Teacher Editor, Brenda Dyck, Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta

  • Novel Knowledge - Are your students hungry for good books to read? Check out reviews by students for students on this site. Arranged by type as well as author, reviews include a brief summary of the book, a star rating, and an explanation of the rating. The more reviews we've got the better so have your students submit their own reviews today!
    Teacher-Editor, Delia DeCourcy,  Cary Academy, Cary, NC

  • Stories From the Streets: Stories From the Streets is a telecollaborative learning project for classrooms around the world. Join the students of Master's Academy and College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as they explore the streets names around the place where they live and go to school. Each class will share the stories behind the streets in their neighborhoods. This project will unleash the powerful stories of men and women and events that shaped the part of the world where you live.
    Teacher Editor, Brenda Dyck Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta