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Virtual Haunted House
Great family fun for Halloween!   Click your way through haunted halls, scary stories, and animated graphics created by schools all over the world
Myths and Legends
Folktales, myths, and legends from Greek Mythology, to Japanese proverbs, to local legends.
  You are invited to share your legends here.
Character Counts!
October is National Character Counts Month.  Read stories about local heroes and heroines submitted by our readers.  Then tell us about YOURS. 
Dealing With Disaster This section is filled with student writing, teacher journals, charts, maps, and resources to help you understand and survive a natural disaster.

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National Dinosaur Month
Visit the Wyoming Dinosaur Center to see fossils, maps, and images of these giants.   Don't miss the game and contest in the Dino Cave.

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Electronic Elementary - The E-Link!  Award-winning magazine for students in the lower grades.  Elementary students can publish their work in the E-Link.

grnball.gif (261 bytes) Ongoing Projects:  You may participate in these projects all year long:

The International Book Fair and Book Link: Book Reviews and Author Multimedia shows.  Play these newly updated HyperStudio Author Projects in REALTIME! (New Windows and MAC Plug-ins available on this page.)

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Satellites, Computers, & Mapping - An interdisciplinary course designed to show students how satellites and remote-sensing are used to solve problems.  These students used GIS and GPS to compare temperatures throughout North Carolina.  They need YOUR data.  Write to Rita Hagevik or Ann Thompson.
MidLink ABC's: Kids put a new twist on the alphabet with The MidLink ABCs. Students pick a letter and research something beginning with that letter. Write to David Kafitz to find out how your school can be a part of this project.
The Virtual Quilt: Join our virtual quilting bee.  Just create a "patch" describing your county or province and our web-weavers will sew your patch into this growing collaborative quilt. Write to Brett DeMatteo to find out how to "sew" your own patch.
Write Spot Read original stories and poems by MidLink readers.  Send us your stories, poetry, or drama

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