A Mysterious Place
By Darshna, 7th grade 
Horace Mann Middle School
North Bergen, NY

Where Am I?

I mistakenly found my way here

A place where there is no fear

A place not quite so near

An enchanted place to me so dear

 Where Am I?

Hallways leading to endless rooms

Leading to that world you live in, that world full of doom

That place that got me here with a big ka-boom

A place where miseries are buried in a tomb

 Where Am I?

A place so great, only God could create

If only you were here to feel all the joy I feel now

In this unimaginable dream where happiness is all

There's no need to be sad; there's no need to cry;

Don't worry 'bout death, 'cause your not gonna die

--Where Am I?

I'm in heaven.

The place where angels roam the land

A flamish place after death Where only blissfulness remains.

By: Darshna

North Bergen, NJ

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