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   We invite you to join us for a stroll down Secondary Roads...articles by and for students in the upper grades. Our journey will take us along roads "less traveled by." You will find articles that approach learning in exciting new ways as we share the creative work of older students. 

   WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) Secondary Roads Archives
       *Includes the Black Plague
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WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) I Have a Dream, TOO! See the amazing Dreams Projects from students all over the world.  

WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) ZooTrition:   Chemistry students at Lake Park High School, Chicago, IL, compared the diets of Brookfield Zoo animals to the diet of...you guessed it...a typical chemistry student!   Learn about nutrition, chemistry, animals, and enjoy the web trek.

WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) Montage:   See Lake Park High School's Creative Arts Magazine.  This 'Zine includes poetry, short stories, and much more.

WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) Monu-MENTAL sites featuring images, facts, figures, and models of natural wonders, amazing locations, and historical monuments:

        From Monte Vista High School, Danville, California
WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) Fossils of Mount Diablo
WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) Seven Wonders of the World
WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) Mount Saint Helens
        From Rancho Bernardo High School, San Diego
WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) Egypt World - Monu-MENTAL pyramids and wonders of the world (Pick up required plug-in's on the first page.)

WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) Compound Web Sites:  Interactive 3-D models of chemical compounds by chemistry students at Cary Academy.  You can learn about chemicals and manipulate the models.

WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) Projectiles Interactive! 12th grader, Taylor Brockman and physics teacher Loren Winters at the NC School of Science and Math used java to create these interactive problems for you.  Can YOU hit the target?

WB01187_.GIF (400 bytes) CyberLit:  Experience literature in a dynamic new web format.  These PowerPoint projects are from Hunterdon Central Regional High School, Flemington, NJ. This school is also the virtual home of Electric Soup.

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