MidLink Magazine's History

MidLink Magazine is the oldest children’s publication on the web. Established in October, 1994, MidLink continues to be updated quarterly with projects in locations all over the world. For ten years, it has operated without interruption and continues to grow as a non-profit organization because of sponsorship and support by NC State University, the University of Central Florida. The heart of MidLink’s success, however, is the cadre of dedicated teacher-editors who guide students to create the exceptional content that fills its pages.

The magazine has won numerous awards from its first recognition as an exemplary web project by the Franklin Institute of Science in April, 1995, to the National Information Infrastructure Award in October, 1996, to being identified as an exemplary site by the American Library Association in August, 1999. MidLink continues to be recognized for making a valuable contribution to the educational community on the World Wide Web.

In spite of these exemplars, MidLink’s greatest contribution is undoubtedly the sharing of working models of technology integration. What does skillful technology integration look like? What are the outcomes of a successful technology project? What does the student work actually look like? What learning outcomes can teachers hope to accomplish with their students? The answers fill the pages of MidLink Magazine. Teachers, students, and parents visit the magazine at the rate of 5,000 – 10,000 per month to view projects and gather inspiration and new ideas to use in their own classrooms. Any teacher of students ages 8 - 18 is invited to participate.

Listen to Caroline share about MidLink's history in the site's first Podcast.

Caroline McCullen, Founder
Instructional Technologist, SAS inSchool
SAS Campus Drive, Cary, NC  27513

Last Update: 01/08/07  
Established: 9/19/94