Special Honors and Awards for MidLink Magazine
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The Gateway to Educational Materials

  • GEM - The Gateway to Educational Materials recognized MidLink as a magazine that provides "an interactive forum for student contributions , and a resource for teachers and students who want to find creative classroom projects , partners , and ideas."  NOTE:  All GEM resources are carefully reviewed before being entered in the searchable database of excellent educational resources.

  • Global SchoolNet Online 2003 Shared Learning Award:  Brenda Dyck, MidLink Teacher-Editor was a finalist in this international competition.  Global SchoolNet’s Online Shared Learning Award recognizes classroom teachers, media specialists, and other school-based educators, worldwide, who have distinguished themselves in the area of global collaborative learning.  Congratulations, Brenda!  Read the Press Release.

  • Global Junior Challenge Award: Brenda Dyck, MidLink Teacher-Editor created We The Children, featured in MidLink Magazine.  This project was the winner for the category, Up to 15 Year Olds.  Brenda traveled to Italy and participated in the Global Junior Challenge ceremonies during November 16-19, 2004.

2005 Online Shared Learning Award

  • Global SchoolNet Online 2005 Shared Learning Award:  Brenda Dyck and Karen Kliegman, MidLink Teacher-Editors were finalists in this international competition.  Global SchoolNet’s Online Shared Learning Award recognizes classroom teachers, media specialists, and other school-based educators, worldwide, who have distinguished themselves in the area of global collaborative learning.  Congratulations, Brenda and Karen!  Read the Press Release.

SREB EvaluTech
SREB EvaluTech

  • MidLink was reviewed by EvaluTech, sponsored by the Southern Regional Education Board.  The reviewers stated, "MidLink Magazine now serves as a major clearinghouse for collaborative projects in grades 3 through 12. Some of the Web projects are developed by Midlink staff members, while others are initiated by individual teachers from schools around the world..."

Grey Rushin and Students

  • MidLink Contributor, William Gray Rushin, a Chemistry teacher at SAS inSchool Development Partner Cary Academy, was named Internet Educator of the Year. Find out how Rushin integrates technology into all aspects of his teaching.  

As the national winner, Rushin will receive $5,000 cash and $5,000 in products and services from Classroom Connect, as well as serve on the company's Board of Advisors for one year. In addition, he will receive an iPAQ Pocket PC and laptop computer from Compaq Computer Corp., and a free trip to Costa Rica from Natural Habitat Adventures. Rushin won for his All Atoms Web site where he posts weekly schedules of activities and assignments so students can plan ahead for classes. The site links to a "Student Projects" library that currently houses more than 200 student-authored sites showcasing project research.

 STAR Schools Video Features TWO MidLink Magazine Projects:

Frances Bradburn Congratulates Tony Infanito's Students

  • Frances Bradburn, Technology Director of the NC Department of Public Instruction, congratulates a student in Tony Infantino's class from Durant Middle School (See picture on left) as she  interviews him for a STAR Schools Video. (See this archived video here.NOTE:  STAR Schools Videos are free for the download and provide excellent resources for district or statewide professional development sessions.  Funding is provided through grants from the OERI, and the US Department of Education.

  • Tony Infantino  and his 8th graders at Durant Middle School, Raleigh, NC (See picture on left) were recognized for their poetry mentoring project.  See their poems in MidLink Magazine's International Poetry Exchange and Poetry Post.

Glen Gurley, MidLink Teacher Editor

  • MidLink Editor, Glenn Gurley was also featured in the STAR Schools Video series.  Glenn was recognized for his innovative use of technology in the classroom.  His students use PowerPoint, digital cameras, and their science knowledge to create award-winning projects.  See an example of Glenn's work:  Positively Trashy.  See archived STAR Schools video clips HERE.

Awards Received: 1994 - 2001

Study Web

Study Web researchers selected MidLink Magazine as one of the best educational resources on the Web.  MidLink will be featured in the Professional Development: Teaching Resources: Special Needs: Homeschooling: Curriculum & Online Resources section of Study Web.

Canadian Book Camp Canadian Book Camp selected MidLink Magazine as one of the best places for students to publish original work.
Länkskafferiet - The Link Larder Länkskafferiet (The Link Larder) included MidLink in their Link Larder, a database for educational use which consists of subject structured and quality assessed Internet information resources chosen for Swedish pupils, especially those between 10 and 15 years of age. The Link Larder is a part of the Swedish Schoolnet and was commissioned by and has continuing support from the National Agency for Education. The database is regularly updated and extended. A web site in the Link Larder can be replaced by one with higher quality. The development work is carried out by LUB NetLab.
Voices From the Middle, National Council of Teachers of English -  MidLink is mentioned in several articles throughout and referred to as "one of the older, established sites (6 years) that has the look of a magazine and reviews submissions in the way that traditional print magazines do."
Multimedia Schools honored Teacher-Editors of MidLink Magazine.  This article explains how exemplary teachers from locations around the globe can share their work with the global audience of educators, students, and parents who visit MidLink.
LookSmart Radio LookSmart Radio recognized MidLink as one of the Top 100 Educational Web Sites for 1999. The radio program featured MidLink Magazine on its  August 10 broadcast about education and the Internet.  Listen to the RealAudio recording of the interview.
700+ Great Sites! 700+ Great Sites - MidLink is included in this list, compiled by the Children and Technology Committee of the Association for Library Service to Children, a Division of the American Library Association. The list includes "amazing, spectacular, mysterious, colorful web site for kids and the adults who care about them."
Top 100 Web Sites '99 The Education Source selected MidLink as one of the Top 100 Web Sites of 1999 After reviewing thousands of sites, we have selected 100 Internet sites as our top picks for 1999 and believe that these sites contain the best educational content on the Internet today.
Computer Lab Newsletter (2790 bytes) The Computer Lab Newsletter - The word "awesome" is highly overused, but it is the only word fit to describe the MidLink Magazine Website. This site sponsored by the SAS Institute, North Carolina State University, and The University of Central Florida encourages children to explore the world around them and report on their findings.
The School Page Hot Site (2353 bytes) The School Page:  The Educator's Resource, selected MidLink Magazine as a "Hot Site" of the month.
Bonus.Com KidCool!(4684 bytes) Bonus.Com selected MidLink as a "KidCool Site" with material most appropriate for kids.
ED's Oaisis A-OK The editorial staff of ED's Oasis  has reviewed and evaluated your site MidLink Magazine according to research-based guidelines http://www.edsoasis.org/Guidelines.html and found it to be information-rich and content-appropriate for use in the K-12 classroom. Because it encourages students to publish their original work, we categorize it as an "Interactive" site, and invite you to accept the A-OK award for excellence.
Suite101.com. Recommended Site (8086 bytes) Suite101.com is an award winning online community-based "Guide to the Best of the World Wide Web" that uses real people as web guides, called contributing editors, who scour the Internet for the best web sites in their areas of expertise. They do all the work - the searching - so the Internet user does not have to do so. 
Middleschool.Com (3874 bytes) Middleschool.Com listed MidLink as "...a personal favorite. It demonstrates many exciting and interactive web projects. It is a great place and chock full of student created content. This web site is perfect for anyone who cares about using the WWW meaningfully with 10-14 year olds."
DiscoverIt! (4475 bytes) DiscoverIt! a guide to finding the best resources on the web, designated MidLink as one of the Best Educational Sites on the web.
BBC WebGuide The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has launched a guide to the Internet, and " we are pleased to inform you that your site has been included in the Childrens section of BBC Web Guide, which can be  found at:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/webguide/ "
WorldVillage Family Site of the Day October, 1997: WorldVillage selected MidLink Magazine as the WorldVillage Family Site of the Day for October 31, 1997! The editors at WorldVillage selected MidLink in honor and recognition of the web's finest family-friendly sites.
BellSouth.Net July, 1997: BellSouth.Net included MidLink Magazine in its Education Gateway, a website custom-made for teachers, students and parents that puts together the best content the Internet has to offer. MidLink was included because it "has great content for families with children in the middle years."
EdsOkInt.gif (7958 bytes) May, 1997:  Selected by ED's Oasis as an exemplary site for the Treasure Zone.  This list includes sites that are subjected to review utilizing the ED's Oasis rubric.
May, 1997: Blue Web'N listed MidLink Magazine as a 4-Star Site. Blue Web'N is a searchable listing of exemplary web sites for teachers and students.
Lycos Top 5% March, 1997, selected by Lycos as a Top 5% site.  The Lycos review said, "Billed as the electronic magazine for kids in the middle grades, MidLink has enough humor and insight to snag a few curious adults as well."
WWW Associates Top 10 sites

December, 1996: Selected by World Wide Web Associates as a Top Ten winner! This places MidLink Magazine   in the "top 1/10th of 1%" of its category. Top Ten and Best of the Year awards are based on Organization & Functionality, Graphic Design, Innovation, and Overall Contribution to the Internet.

National Information Infrastructure Awards October, 1996: named one of 6 national finalists in the Children's Category of the National Information Infrastructure (NII) Awards Competition.
T&L National Teacher of the Year

June, 1996: Caroline McCullen, Editor-in-chief of MidLink Magazine, was named National Teacher of the Year by Technology and Learning Magazine. This annual contest was sponsored by Microsoft and Compaq.

Education World (5789 bytes) May, 1996:  Education World Gave MidLink Magazine an "A" rating based upon Content, Aesthetics, and Organization.  "An incredible concept that deserves great accolades. Every student can and should be part of this."
A-1 Quality Award for Excellence March, 1996: of the thousands of web sites reviewed, MidLink Magazine was recognized as the "Best of the Best" on the Internet and has received the A#1 Quality Award for Excellence by the A#1Quality Directory.
I-Way 500 February, 1996 and September, 1996: recognized as a winner in the Education category of the Iway 500 listing. The Iway 500 is an annual ranking of the Best 500 Web sites in the World. MidLink Magazine was ranked 4th among 25 winners in the Education Category. Winners are rated for seven criteria: Serves Intended Purpose, Depth of Content, Accuracy, Accessibility, Design/Style, Navigation, and Performance.
January, 1996: selected by The McKinley Group's professional editorial team as a "4-Star" site. This is the highest rating an Internet site can achieve in Magellan, McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory of over 1.5 million sites and 40,000 reviews.
January, 1996: Global School Net selected MidLink Magazine for inclusion in their Web Tutorial. MidLink was designated as a "Model Middle School Site" and cited as an example of effective classroom project design.
November, 1995: Global Network Navigator (GNN) named MidLink Magazine the Best of the 'Net in K-12 Education. While you visit GNN, be sure check out other "Sites for Kids."
In April, 1995 : featured in the "Caught in the Web" section of the Franklin Institute of Science's inQuiry Almanack. All of the teacher editors were honored. Congratulations MidLink student contributors and teacher editors!


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