Summer Samplers

Teacher Editors (July)

Upper Grades
Roman Architecture
The Great Gatsby  

Middle Grades
The Blue Planet
Different Answers
Dancing Art in the Air

Elementary Grades
Soldiers- Go For Broke!

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July - September 2002 

Palms and hammock
MidLink's Summer Samplers 

Take a stroll through these Project Summaries below 
and gather  ideas and inspiration for your classroom.

Upper Grades

High school students in Strathmore, Alberta, consider value judgments at the very core of the transplant selection procedure by participating in a learning simulation where they become a member of a transplant team.
Teacher Editors:
Sharon Friesen Galileo Educational Network and Agnieszka Barwacz-Riou, Golden Hills School Division #75, Strathmore, Alberta, CA

Roman Architecture Reconstructed  
Explore the history and design of famous Roman structures.  This project won the Multimedia Mania Award for the Upper Grades.
Teacher Editor: Ruth Hartsook 
Accelerated Technology High School, Lexington, NC

The Great Gatsby  
Students explore Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby. Visitors can enjoy the site by searching through Chapters, Themes, Characters, etc.  Extensive information about the movies, music and culture of the 1920's.
Teacher Editor: Susan Latour - 
West Springfield High School, Fairfax County, VA

Middle Grades

The Blue Planet
Grade 8 students research questions like, "What happens when human waste can no longer be absorbed by our natural systems? Are there other choices humans can make to change or even reverse our growing impact on our overburdened water systems? Students prepare their findings for present suggestions for action at a Water Conference.
Teacher Editors:
Candace Saar  Galileo Educational Network and Sonja Willson, Golden Hills School Division, Strathmore, Alberta, CA

Coming to Answers in Different Ways  
Find out what happened when students and teachers from three schools in the Foothills School Division in Alberta, Canada, embarked on an online threaded discussion about Math. The students and the teachers of these schools investigated math problems and discussed strategies while they worked towards finding "a solution".
Teacher Editors: Barbara Martin,
Galileo Educational Network and Loretta Stabler, Patti Milz, Cheryl Fotheringham, Foothills School Division, High River,  Alberta

Dancing Art in the Air
This beautiful project from Taiwan, shares a group of grade six students' love for kite flying. Original student art work and writing enhances the creativity of this 2002 CyberFair winner.
Teacher Editors: An-Mei Li; Yun Feng Charng; Xue-Mian Hu
Tai-Shan Elementary School: Taipei County, Taiwan

Elementary Grades

Monarch Research Center  
Fourth and fifth graders document their research about Monarch Butterflies. Includes movies, charts, and photos. This project was the Elementary Winner of Multimedia Mania.
Teacher Editors: Julie Barrett
Ehrhardt Elementary,  Klein, TX,

Loyal American Soldiers- Go For Broke!
This project from Kailua, Hawaii, profiles Japanese Americans who fought bravely for their country during World War II.  Students address the prejudice that caused the Japanese Internment Camps, as well as the prejudices we face today.  This project was one of the winners of Cyberfiar 2002.
Teacher Editor: Mari Nomura,
Enchanted Lake Elementary, Kailua, HI