Our class has been discussing the different types of “Walls” that we build in this world both visible and invisible. We have heard about “The Great Wall of China”, “The Berlin Wall”, and the ‘Western Wall” and the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. We have discovered that all of these “Walls” were made for different purposes. We have also reflected on the invisible walls that we all build in our own space- ones that promote discrimination.  

         For this writing assignment you will compose a short report (no less than 300 words in length) about the visible and invisible “ Walls” in our world. Listed below are the areas that need to be included in this report. Your finished product will be displayed, along with writing by students across this continent, on the "Let the Walls Come Down" web page.


  1. _______ An opening sentence that introduces the subject of this report.

  2. _______An opening sentence, introducing the topic of “visible walls” in our world.

  3. _______   An description of two visible walls in our world and their purpose

  4. _______   An opening sentence introducing the topic of  “invisible walls” in our world.

  5. _______   An explanation about what invisible walls are and a few examples of the invisible walls that are in your  space.

  6. _______  Several sentences that share your thoughts  about invisible walls (Hint:  Think about the damage they do. How do they  look to different people?)

  7. _______ Two or three sentences that share your ideas about how we can "tear those walls down!"

  8. _______  Organized into at 4 or 5  paragraphs.

  9. _______  Accurate spelling and grammar.

  10. _______  Sentences should be clear and concise.

  11. _______  Thoughts should be clearly organized.

  12. _______  The final copy should be written on the computer or neatly by hand.