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Walls That Talk
If walls could talk, what would they say?

March- May

  • Statistics: A Curiosity! Supported by TELUS Learning www.2learn.ca
    Students learn how to collect data compile it, translate it into various graphing formats, and analyze the outcomes in terms of their own surroundings. Explore their findings to predict future trends or enjoy the outcomes predicted by students around the world..

    Teacher Editor, Brenda Dyck, Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta

  • Walls That Talk - ISTE Award-Winner: 1st Place, SIGTEL Online Learning Award!
    If walls could talk, what would they say?  Explore this award-winning project to learn about the many different walls, history, and culture that make up today's world.
    Teacher Editor, Karen Kliegman, Searingtown School, Abertson, NY

  • Windows to Understanding In this exciting extension of the award-winning Walls That Talk project, students explore folklore from their community and from around the world in order to develop a deeper understanding of their similarities and a deeper appreciation of their cultural differences.
    Teacher Editor, Karen Kliegman, Searingtown School, Abertson, NY

  • Echoes: Great Poets - Great Poets Inspiring Young Writers
    "Echoes" is an encyclopedia of poets.  Students created a biography of each poet, sample poems with literary analysis, and original student poetry inspired by the poet.  If you are a middle or high school teacher who would like to have your class contribute to "Echoes," please contact Delia DeCourcy.  This goal is to expand  this list of poets as well as create new links to the pages created by other schools.  Curriculum and resources for the Echoes project can be found on the Student & Teacher Resource page
    Teacher-Editor, Delia DeCourcy,  Cary Academy, Cary, NC

  • If Stones Could Speak
    Students "check out" a stone artifact and share information about it.  They will actually become the stone's "voice" and tell about surrounding people and events...as if the stone could speak.  They can be in any digital format such as word processor documents, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, Acrobat Reader, etc.  Explore the stones already online, and consider checking out a stone to explore in depth.
    Teacher-Editor, Glenn Gurley, Highland School of Technology, Gastonia, NC

  • Starry Messenger
    Learn about the movement in the skies and then apply this learning in a simulation experience surrounding the 1633 trial of Galileo
    Galilei, who has been branded as a heretic for his views about the movement in the skies. To help clear Galileo's name, students will be summoned back to the seventeenth century to engage in a mock trail where they will use their Space knowledge in Galileo's defense. The Starry Messenger Project will not only teach curriculum content, it will provide an engaging way to apply it.
    Teacher Editor, Brenda Dyck, Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta