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Terms & Conditions for participating MidLink Projects

To include your students' work in MidLink Magazine, we need your agreement with the following Terms & Conditions:

1. I will obtain parental permission to publish my students' work.
NOTE: If your school has an Acceptable Use Policy, you may already have parental permission.  If not, you may use the convenient templates located in MidLink Magazine. (

2. I will review MidLink Magazine's copyright guidelines to ensure that we are in compliance. All images will be copyright-free or we will obtain permission to use them.
NOTE: Review MidLink's Copyright Guidelines ( or contact a MidLink Editor if you have questions.

3. If we use information from other sources, my students will cite their sources using MLA or APA Guidelines.
NOTE: See MidLink Help Pages. (

Print this file for your records.

last updated 12.21.07