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Established: 9/19/94
Updated: 04/04/02



    Arnold Pulda, Worcester Public Schools, Worcester, MA

OK, so it was BRIGHT in that hallway........
Who *IS* This Guy, Anyway

Special Honors: Arnold Pulda was a National Semi-finalist in the Technology & Learning Tech Leaders of the Year Competition!

Arnold Pulda doctorgus@earthlink.net is director of Gifted and Talented student programs for the public schools in Worcester, MA.  Until recently he taught U.S. History at a high school in Worcester.  He went to Bard College for his B.A. and then the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he got his Ph.D. in U.S. History.  He has been an active user and explorer of the internet since 1993.  Since then he has spread his enthusiasm for using the internet in the classroom among many students and fellow teachers. 

        In 1998 Arnold spent a week in Washington, DC, as a fellow of the Library of Congress.  Since then he has continued his active involvement with the Library and its site, American Memory.  This past summer he was a leader/facilitator of the Library's American Memory Institute.  He has written a lesson plan on Jackie Robinson that appears among the LOC's collection of teacher resources (http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/ndlpedu/lessons/98/robinson/intro.html).  He is also closely associated with the New Media Classroom project (http://www.cuny.edu/~ashp/aboutnmc.shtml), which is funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.  In the summer Arnold leads a week-long workshop for teachers on integrating the internet into education, at Assumption College in Worcester.  He is writing lesson plans for Assumption's "E Pluribus Unum" web site, also funded by a grant from the NEH; the site is up and running while under development, at www.assumption.edu/ahc. He has recently published articles on technology and teaching in Meridian http://www.ncsu.edu/meridian/sum2001/lesson_plans/2.html), the Library of Congress Newsletter (http://lcweb2.loc.gov/learn/educators/newsletter/august01/TIifSept.html), and Classroom Connect (www.classroom.com).

        As editor at MidLink, Arnold hopes to help the magazine "grow up" a little bit chronologically, stretching its content from its traditional middle school focus to include, as well, exemplary work of students in high schools.  He welcomes students and teachers to submit their excellent work in all subjects using any software and media; the best of these will be placed in MidLink's newly-minted HOTS (Higher-Order Thinking Skills) corner.  

         Arnold was a computer geek even before he started using the internet, and as such learned early on how to use a spreadsheet.  He still favors this application above all others, and has been able to make many converts among his students.  He and his students have found that the spreadsheet, used alone or together with other applications and research in the internet, is a powerful tool for learning and reporting about almost any subject or theme, whether current or historical.  

        This year his projects will focus on using those computer skills for an in-depth study of Critical Decisions throughout history.  Students will explore the history and culture behind some decisions that changed the world, including the decision to drop the atomic bomb in August, 1945.    

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