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Glenn Gurley, Highland School of Technology
Gastonia, NC

Glenn Gurley graduated from UNC-Charlotte in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts in Science. He completed his Master's of Arts in Middle School Education/Mathematics in 1981 from Appalachian State University.  In 2002,  Glenn completed training to be an online instructor from UNC-Chapel Hill through the COLT (Carolina On-Line Teacher) program sponsored by LEARN NC.

This is Glennís twenty-ninth year as an educator in Gaston County, North Carolina.  He taught 8th and 9th grade science and math for twenty-two years.  He served as the Lead Teacher in Instructional Technology for the Gaston County School System for two years.  During 1998-2000, he served as an Educator-on-Loan to the Department of Public Instruction with the Teachers Connect project.  In this position he worked with Instructional Technology initiatives across the state and with the DPI Curriculum and Instruction section.  In this role, Glenn:  

  • Coordinated Town Meetings that brought experts into the classroom through desktop videoconferences.   He has developed an online course, Connectivities: Desktop Videoconferencing.
  • Designed a week-long session at the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, NC Online Connections, which produced three online projects for students  
  • Created the model WebQuest for NCWISE OWL, This Land is Your Land, and training model for train-the-trainer for WebQuest development.
  • Designed Connectivities: Active Learning on the Web
  • Networked teachers involved in the Classroom Assessment: Linking Instruction and Assessment project through online collaboration.

When Glenn completed his role as Educator-on-Loan, he returned to his home school in Gaston County, Mt. Holly Middle School, where he was a mathematics and science teacher on the Sharks Team.  He served as the schoolís webmaster and a member of the school Technology Team.  Presently Glenn is an Academy Coordinator for the Communication and Information Technology Academy and Academy of Finance at Highland School of Technology.

Glenn is the current webmaster for the North Carolina Teacher Academy. He has been a trainer and team leader in "Integrating Technology into Instruction" and "Technology Connections: Instruction and Productivity" for the Academy since 1995.   Glenn has been the instructor for Mathematics and Science Technology II (MAST II)  where he taught teachers to teach in a technology enhanced workstation-based environment. Also, for five years Glenn served as a Pioneer Mentor.  In this role he presented at state, regional, and national conference strategies for integrating technology into instruction.

Glenn and his wife Robin have two daughters, Betsy (23) and Kati (17), a high school senior.   Glenn enjoys spending time with his family, doing things around his house/yard, and working with technology.

He has sponsored online collaborative projects during the past several years which include:

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