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Karen Kliegman, Searingtown School
Herricks UFSD, Albertson, New York
(Contact Karen)

Karen Kliegman graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  She received a Master’s of Science in Library and Information Science in 1998 from Long Island University and recently completed a Master’s of Science in Computers in Education at Long Island University.  This unique program, also known as T.E.A.M (Technology, Education, and Multimedia), consists of select groups of educators interested in playing key roles in shaping and building learning communities for the 21st century. Karen is an “active villager” at the EEV (Electronic Educational Village),, an online learning community maintained by T.E.A.M.

Karen is presently in her third year as the library media specialist at Searingtown School in the Herricks UFSD in Albertson, New York, where she teaches kindergarten through fifth grade.  She also teaches educational technology professional development courses in her school district’s Teacher Center and is the Webmaster for Searingtown School and Searingtown School Library Media Center.  Her work on the web has received recognition from Education World, Blue Web’N, The International Association of Webmasters and Designers, SeaWorld, and recently from techLEARNING. 

In March 2002, Karen was one of 20 winners worldwide of the 2002 Inspired Teacher Scholarships for Visual Learning, awarded to K-12 educators who champion the integration of visual learning and technology into the curriculum from Inspiration Software. In 2000, Karen received an Excellence in Technology Award from The Association of Suffolk Supervisors for Educational Technology, in recognition of outstanding achievement and excellence in using technology in the classroom. She has also authored a library curriculum unit for School Library Media Activities Monthly.

Karen is dedicated to helping students and educators discover the possibilities and usefulness of technology and its power to multiply the impact of teaching and learning.  She is very honored to have the opportunity to be part of the MidLink team of teacher/editors and is looking forward to sharing and building electronic constructivist collaborations.  

One focus for Karen this year at MidLink will be the integration of art and technology as an entry into all areas of the curriculum.  Karen wants to introduce a dynamic learning community of artists and educators who are working together this year to create an inspiring multimedia, global project. This will be an excellent opportunity for educators at all grade levels to create and participate in a project that lends itself to many interpretations and is sure to have meaning for students.  Finally, basically because she can’t help herself, she intends to use her library “eye” and organizational skills to hunt for the best the web has to offer to educators!

Karen is grateful to her wonderful family, husband, Joseph, her two teen-aged children, Lisa and Adam, and her golden retriever, Maggie, all of who support (and sometimes tolerate) her dedication to and passion for learning and growing.

Favorite quote:  “It’s not about who gets there first, but making sure that everybody does.” Blanca Bowman