Racing Across the Curriculum

Stringer Attendance Center, Stringer, MS
Teacher: Mark Rice
Students: Nikki, Michelle, Amy, and Lindsay

1.   Learning Outcomes:

A.   Learn to develop technology curriculum related projects for younger students to use.

B.   Learn to gather information, develop, organize, and create a multimedia project from scratch.

C.   Work to insure that the curriculum related portions were in line with school and state standards.

D.   Learn to work with high-end graphics programs.

E.   Learn to work as a team.

F.   Work with Mississippi Standards in Math, Science, Language Standards.

G.   Ability to develop a program for other to use.

2.   Technology is the centerpiece of everything we do.  The curriculum is designed as a product-based approach to learning.  Students develop a product to demonstrate what they have learned instead of the old fashioned read a chapter and take a test.  Students were given the task of creating a project for a customer (Texaco). “School to Work."

3.   Process

a.   The students did about 30% of the work in the classroom and the other 70 % they did by coming in after school.  All work was done at school

b.   The girls divided the work up in even portions.

c.   NA

d.   Working around the kids schedule was at times a problem, but for the most part we did not have any major problems to overcome.

e.   We used the Multimedia Mania student’s rubric and multimedia judge’s rubrics only.

f.    Coach, help gather pictures they were not able to get, meet with race teams, work directly with Texaco, Inc. and other to insure no copyrights were being broken.

4.   Accomplishments

a.   Besides all the research, planning, problem solving, and team work, the girls learned to create a project that can be used by others and is respected by professionals.  I think they proved that the proper use of technology can allow students to do just about anything they want.

b.   I always knew that students could do great things, but I think we really learned about how technology, when applied properly, can take kids to levels that we could have never dreamed possible.

c.   This has been an amazing process to watch.  Starting with a simple idea, the students have developed a program that has been seen across the country and is responsible for starting a new education movement with the racing community.

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