Current Projects 2009 - Connect, Collaborate, Create

 These are the current projects taking place in 2009.  Check back for additional resources that will be added throughout the year!

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Meet the Candidates!  This was a multiple intelligences/media literacy project-based learning unit for upper elementary and middle school students!  Visit to view the voting map, the students' media products, and photographs from Searingtown School's Election Rally! This project is now closed!
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Compounds Explained Compounds Explained - The purpose of this project is for students to gain a deeper understanding about chemical bonding creating a screencast, a short video tutorial, about how their compound bonds and is used in real life. Using this for formative and summative assessment gives evidence of the student's comprehension and analytical thinking about abstract concepts such as atomic structure and function.
Contact Teacher Editor, Joselyn J. Todd, Ph. D. Cary Academy, Cary, NC


I Love New York - Students create an "I Love New York" historic tour map and a website where visitors can find out all about New York State historical sites and landmarks. This WebQuest is a project for upper elementary school students.
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If Stones Could Speak If Stones Could Speak - The Chicago Tribune Tower has more than 100 famous stones, including a moon rock, rock fragments from the Alamo, the Coliseum, and the Great Wall of China.  There are stones from all 50 US states and many countries.  Participants in this project will reserve “check out” rock fragments and will create projects that share, through the stone’s point of view, the historical importance surrounding the time period that it represents.  Projects are created in a digital essay format.  Teachers can submit quality student work in the form of documents, presentations, podcasts/vodcasts, movies, etc.  The student-created work on this website can be great resources for student learning.
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Robotic Project - This project is exemplifies 21st century learning in the science classroom using robotics as a medium for creativity, higher order thinking, problem solving, trouble shooting, programming, etc. The project was initially piloted with 7th grade general science students in at Cary Academy. Visit the project Wiki to see details on this project!
Contact Teacher Editor, Joselyn J. Todd, Ph. D. Cary Academy, Cary, NC

Body Systems Survivor - Welcome castaways to Survivor MD! You are a group of doctors that have been abandoned in the middle of an island in the Atlantic Ocean. You will be divided into tribes and will participate in challenges every week. Challenges will consist of problem solving, teamwork, and creativity.  At the Final Tribal Council you will face the jury and answer the following question:  Which body system is the most vital for survival?
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Out of the
I'm Leading. Is Anyone Following? - What happens when four schools from Calgary, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Abottsford, British Columbia and Orlando, Florida join forces to explore the characteristics that make up a strong leader? During the 2000-2001 school year, this group of students applied higher level thinking skills as they synthesized and analyzed information about their choice of leader. Using their own set of criteria, the students evaluated their leader and discovered why this person shaped the time in which they lived. The teachers who guided these young people through this project had a chance to observe the true benefits of telecollaborative learning. You will have an opportunity to hear the voice of the students through their writing and celebrate the learning that occurred in these four classrooms as students and teachers were challenged to consider what exactly makes a leader "tick".
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New MidLink Editor will be added to the existing team of editors.  This is our call for submissions of applications.  Our editors work with international colleagues to create content for MidLink Magazine. MidLink’s mission is to highlight the exemplary work from classrooms around the world.  The Advisory Board includes founder Caroline McCullen, State and Local Partnerships, SAS inSchool, Cary, NC, Dr. Lisa Goble, Director of School Services, NC State University, Raleigh, NC, and Beckey Reed, Consultant, School Services, NC State University, Raleigh, NC.    
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