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The Purpose of This Section
        The purpose of this resource page will be to provide springboards and starting points through which any teacher can use the themed projects in MidLink in a typical classroom setting.  We will provide quick and easy ways for you to incorporate our projects into your lesson plans.  Then comes the magical part:  your students' work is PUBLISHED!  Want to guess how much that motivates even the most reluctant learner? 
         You are invited to join the MidLink team of international teacher editors, many of whom have won awards for their work. In MidLink Magazine, we try to include projects that satisfy three important criteria for helping any teacher integrate technology into a classroom: 
  1. There are clear connections between the content of the web page and curriculum standards.  Teachers can actually USE the page to teach.
  2. The  web page shows how much the student-authors learned about their subject.
  3. The student-authors and teachers clearly had fun in the creative process.  The page is an example of alternative assessment in the very best sense...and you can replicate it in your classroom.

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What Do I Need in Order to Participate?
  1. At least one computer connected to the Internet
  2. Your standard curriculum
  3. Typical classroom supplies:  pencils, paper, drawing materials
  4. Software Recommendations: 
    • For Browsing:  Internet Explorer or Netscape
    • For Writing:  Microsoft Word, Claris Works, or any word processor
    • For Drawing:  HyperStudio, M-Power, Digital Chisel, PowerPoint
  5. Read How to Participate and comply with the publishing guidelines.
  6. Bring along your flexibility and a sense of humor!

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Interdisciplinary Pathways Through MidLink Magazine
Below are links or pathways to projects within MidLink Magazine.  The projects are grouped according to subject area.  Although we encourage you to go beyond your subject and collaborate with a teacher in another discipline,  the links below will get you started on your own path in the newest issue of MidLink Magazine:
  • Interdisciplinary Pathways - These teaching ideas show how every subject area teacher can use the CURRENT ISSUE of MidLink Magazine.  You can use these activities in your classroom tomorrow as you integrate technology into your classroom.  

Interdisciplinary Pathways through Ongoing Projects and Articles in the MidLink Magazine Archives:

We welcome your suggestions.  MidLink is a collaborative 'Zine, and we seek constructive feedback.  If you let us hear from you, we can make MidLink even better.   Suggestions or comments to Caroline McCullen, SAS Institute, Cary, NC. camccu@sas.com  or any of the MidLink Teacher Editors

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