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Call for Participation: 2000 - 2001

MidLink Magazine Showcase 2000

Teacher Editors

Welcome to the
MidLink Magazine Showcase 2000
Models of Technology Integration

          Grand Opening:  MidLink Magazine invites you to explore the exciting links below.  These projects are models of the exemplary use of technology in the classroom.   Should your site be here?   If you know of a site we missed, please write to us and nominate it.  We will be adding to this menu through October, 2000.

Interdisciplinary Showcase

| Cultural Mythology | Author, Author | Crystal Palace Museum |
| Frankenstein | E-Commerce |
 |Earth Quilt | Music Festival | SOL Magazine | French Showcase |
| Haiku | Black History Museum
Changing Borders of Poland |Global Art Gallery | Art Festival |


Mt. Diablo High School, Concord, CA
A joint English and multimedia assignment, student teams researched a particular culture and its myths.
Nichols Middle School, Evanston, IL
Students explore literature and compare their favorite authors.
Cary Academy, Cary, NC
View a selection of items from the over 100,000 items in the original Great Exhibition, along with student-written descriptions of each object, with links to students essays.
Carondelet High School, Concord, CA 
Students create booklets, masks, and more as they study Mary Shelley's timeless classic.
Ligon GT Magnet Middle School, Raleigh, NC
Students conduct "interviews" with imaginary citizens during the time of Reconstruction.  Fascinating results include images from the American Memory Project. (See lesson plan designs below.)
Donwood Park Junior School, Toronto, Ontario
View...and LISTEN...to the showcase of original compositions.
Hunterdon Central Regional High School, Flemington, NJ
Science On Line Magazine includes essays, models, activities and more.
Cary Academy, Cary, NC
Fabienne Gerrard showcases her student's work and her own cyber textbook!
North Garner Middle School, Garner, NC
Michelle Harrel opens the door to an exciting virtual exhibition.
Mueller Elementary, Wichita, KS
Beth Adamson's students created a slide show of their original Haiku Poems
Rancho Bernardo High School, San Diego, CA
The goal of this project is to connect the students and their acquired knowledge back to the community.  This Small Business Management Class designed web sites for a real business.
Cary Academy, Cary, NC
Russ Van Wyk collaborates with students Dan Becker and Morgan Singletary to create a multimedia site displaying the history of the changing borders of Poland.  (Flash Plug-in required)
Mueller Elementary, Wichita, KS
Anita Duncan's first graders present audio and pictures of their favorite Black American Heroes.
Elementary Art Gallery, Minnetonka, Minnesota
View stained glass objects, impressionistic paintings and more...
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