Using Internet Explorer 5.0 for Viewing Web Pages Off-Line

NOTE:  This is NOT a foolproof method.  Always make a few backup transparencies just in case the web gremlins climb into your CPU ;-)

View Movie of Off-line Viewing Set-up.

1. Go to the web page you wish to capture for later off-line viewing. Pull down the "Favorites" menu and release on "Add to Favorites."

2.  Click on "Make Available offline" (See Below) to add this page to your subscriptions. Click on "Customize."

3.  Click "Yes" to make links to this page available.  Click on the "up" arrow to select the number of pages you want to capture. Click "Next."

4.  Select the subscription option you require. If you are not sure, select the first option. (See below)

5.  Click on "OK."

6.  See the window below as IE4.0 downloads the pages for offline viewing.

Watch the Downloading

7.  To view these pages at a later time when you are offline,  pull down the "File" menu and release on "Work Offline."  You should be able to view your captured page without an Internet connection.

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