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Useful Skills for Your Web Treks

  Below you will find detailed instructions about how to save graphics and information from the web to your hard drive or a floppy disk. REMEMBER copyright guidelines if you intend to use these items outside the classroom.  These pages will take you through this step-by-step process. Bookmark this page in your web browser.

  1. Saving graphics to a folder or disk
  2. Viewing the graphics you save
  3. Saving text to a folder or disk  

Where to Find It: Your Web Compass

  1. Acceptable Use Policies:
  2. Citing Your Sources How to cite Internet sources
  3. Copyright Guidelines Keep it Legal
  4. Handouts: Rubrics, Evaluation Forms, Electronic Fieldtrip Tickets, etc.

Useful Downloads

  1. Decompression:  Unstuffing and Unzipping Your Downloads
  2. Software Downloads: Large collections of shareware to download