Web Page Evaluation Form

Web Page Evaluation Form
Updated from work originally created at Ligon Middle School in collaboration with ExplorIs.
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Title of Web Page: ______________________________________________

URL: http://_____________________________________________________

Topic or Focus: _________________________________________________

Instructions:  Rate each answer from 0 - 4. (4 points =  highest rating.)
See Scale below. 

Navigation and Presentation:

_____ 1. Is each section of the page labeled with a topic or section heading?
_____ 2.  Does the page load quickly?
_____ 3.  Are the pictures on the page helpful and clearly related to the subject? (Take off points for too many animated graphics or unrelated images).
_____ 4.  Are there clearly marked buttons and links that transport you to locations within the site and allow you to find your way quickly to information you need?
_____ 5.  Is the page clearly labeled with the author's name or the sponsoring organization and contact information? (Hint: Check the bottom of the page or look for "About Us" or "Who We Are.")
_____ 6. Does the information appear to be error-free? (No errors in spelling, sentence structure, content, etc.)
_____ 7. Does the information appear to be up-to-date? (Check last update, often found at the bottom of the page.)
_____ 8. Does the site include links to appropriate sites outside this page?  Are these links marked in any way to indicate when you are leaving the original site?
_____ 9.  Does the content have some educational value? Would it reinforce or enhance information taught in the classroom?
_____ 10.  Is the content appropriate for classroom research? (Hint: Items that are inappropriate include profanity, nudity, undue violence, etc.)
_____ 11.  Is the vocabulary appropriate for students? (Hint:  Is the language similar to your text books or other classroom materials?) 
_____ 12.   Is the content sufficient to adequately cover the topic?
_____ 13.    Is the information offered unique, fresh, or new?  Is the information something not easily found elsewhere?
_____ 14.  Can you find evidence of the author's credentials, background, education, or authority? What special training or education qualifies the author to create this page? (Hint: Look for links - "About us," "Who We Are," "Editors," etc.)
Grand Total
Is this page a reliable, valid source of information? Use the scale below.
Scale:   Excellent = 52 - 56 (This site is a valid source of information)
Good = 48 - 55
Fair  =  40 - 47
Poor  = Below 40

Permission is granted for schools and teachers to copy this form as long as MidLink Magazine is cited as the source.
Created: 11/20/96; Updated: 02/25/05