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Notable North Carolinians

We, the Children
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 January - March 2002


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Stock Market Simulation: Join this exciting simulation and "play" with the stock market to see how well you ride the roller coaster.  This project includes math and technology skills, plus participants agree it's a great deal of fun.  See samples from last year and get ready to create your own stock market report.
Teacher Editor: Arnold Pulda, Dougherty Memorial High School, Worcester, MA

Notable North Carolinians: Discover famous...and not-so-famous North Carolinians from every corner of the Tar Heel State. Students research state history and learn about the people who contributed to North Carolina's rich heritage and history.  Includes rubrics, templates, and everything you need.  Here's a great idea:  Start your own state's "Notable" site and we will point to you from MidLink. 
Teacher Editor: Glen Gurley, Mount Holly Middle School, Mt. Holly, NC

Making Sense of the Census! What happened to population in your county in 1790? 1860? 1960?  Explore correlations between the size of farms and the number of slaveholders and slaves recorded in historical documents.  How active were manufacturers or churches in your region?  Were women employed in significant numbers? Get the answers to these questions and more by asking questions and formulating hypotheses.  Compare data visually by graphing and analyzing.  Discover what happened in your backyard and think about the anomalies of your region. 
Russ Van Wyk, Cary Academy, Cary, NC

I Have a Dream, TOO! Returning to MidLink Magazine this year for a third time, this project is simple, but powerful.  Students think about their dreams for the future and share them with the world.  In the tradition of Martin Luther King's legacy of peace, dreams from all over the world will be posted together.  REGISTER now... and be sure to come back to see our dreams in March!

We, the Children...   
Explore one of the most basic human rights, the right to a "Safe Place".  Participants will explore links, take part in learning activities, and discuss the issues related to student rights.
NEW:  See Student Work here.  Find out how to participate by writing to Brenda Dyck.
Teacher Editor:  Brenda Dyck, ABC Charter School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada