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Welcome to Multimedia Mania!

An Award for Classroom Excellence by HyperSIG Multimedia Special Interest Group of ISTE!

Multimedia Mania is an annual award program sponsored by ISTE HyperSig to promote the collaboration of K-12 teachers and students in creating multimedia projects related to any class or coursework. This awards program is for students and teachers who use multimedia to teach and learn in a specific content area (e.g. math, science, social studies, language arts, art, music, physical education, ESL, etc.) Students are invited to share their work with an international audience by creating dynamic multimedia projects related to any class or coursework. Multimedia Mania winners usually come from classrooms in which technology is used as a tool to teach and learn any standard curriculum. Teachers may coach and advise, but work must be completed by students in grades K-12.

Participants are encouraged to incorporate 3-D design, video, animation, and any other multimedia techniques that may enhance the design of the project, but inclusion of lengthy videos is discouraged. Submission of video projects is discouraged as they are inappropriate for this award contest.  Heavy emphasis will be placed on originality, alignment to curriculum or course content, project design, and proper use and documentation of resources. Participants will also gain points if most of their projects are constructed within the classroom.  The intent is to provide realistic models to share with other classroom teachers.

The primary GOAL of Multimedia Mania is to find real, working models of the skillful integration of technology into a typical classroom setting in a specific content area.

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