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How Do We Enter Multimedia Mania?

We are taking a break this year so that we can find some corporate sponsors to help get the winners to the NECC meeting. We encourage you to use our rubric and continue to work in multimedia with your students. We should have information about next year ready by July 2005.

1. Look at our Multimedia Mania Rubrics to see how your project will be judged. Decide which curriculum objectives you will address and begin to plan your project.  Be sure to duplicate the student rubric and let students use this as they complete their projects.

2. Register your team by filling out our Online Registration Form before the deadline of Midnight, XX/XX/200X. Register as soon as possible. Registration will open in September 2004. By registering online you will receive access to software for a limited time provided by our sponsors to create your project.

3. Work with your team to plan, design, and construct a dynamic multimedia project that teaches a concept or enhances the content of any class in your school.

4. Check your project for any copyright violations by using the links at: http://www.ncsu.edu/midlink/citing.html.  Remember to print and save any e-mail permissions you receive.

For more help on copyright see:
* The Educators' Lean and Mean No FAT Guide to Fair Use, Technology & Learning

5. Prepare your "Works Cited" or "Bibliography" according to MLA Guidelines at the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University.

6. Write a brief statement about how your students created the project in your classroom by answering the Learning Outcomes Questions. How did you conquer the barriers of time, space, and access?  (Please limit your remarks to one typewritten page.)

7. Print out Parental Permission Form for Publication and send it home for parents' signatures. SAVE these forms! All finalists will be asked to FAX signed copies of these forms.

8. Review the Final Checklist

* You are encouraged to use only the most basic fonts --those included with most word processors--in your designs. Using unusual, ornate fonts may cause viewing problems if judges do not have the same fonts you selected. Play it safe and use BASIC FONTS, for example, Courier, Arial, Times New Roman, etc.)

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