Learning Outcomes - Multimedia Mania
(Must be included with each project in a digital format on the Zip disk or CD/DVD as MS Word doc, RTF, or HTML file.)
Teacher's Name: _______________________________
Project Name:  ________________________________ 
Project Number _______
School and location:  ____________________________
Age of the students: _____________________________

Summarize the content of your project and the learning outcomes experienced by the students as you answer the questions below.  Please limit your comments to ONE typewritten page.
  1. Learning Outcomes: Briefly discuss what a user will learn from the stack/project/module.
  2. Curriculum Connection: Explain how this project fits into your curriculum
  3. Process: Explain how the process worked within your classroom
    1. When did the students work on the project?
    2. How did they divide the responsibilities?
    3. How did you work with students who continued their project at home? (Please skip if this does not apply.)
    4. Describe any difficulties or barriers you encountered and tell how you overcame them. (for example: wide ranging ability levels, too few computers, too little time, etc.)
    5. Please attach any rubrics or handouts you used. (Remember to cite the source of any materials that are not your own.)
    6. What was your role? 
  4. Accomplishments:
    1. Tell what your students learned and/or accomplished in the process of creating the stack
    2. What did you learn about technology, teaching, learning, etc. or about your students or yourself?
    3. Observations: (Your observations, conclusions, words of wisdom, advice to others, etc.)

NOTE:   Please include this information when you mail your final project.  Edit carefully!  Since one of the goals of the contest is to share exemplary work, we often publish descriptions of Multimedia Mania projects.  Please include a statement of "Permission to Publish" if you are in agreement.  You will be notified of any publications in which we reference your project, and your name and school will be listed along with your project description.

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