Multimedia Mania 2004 Entry Form: Part 2

Print out this form, include your signature and your administrator's signature, complete, and send this form with your project disks.

(  ) I certify that this project was constructed by the above students under my supervision. I further certify the accuracy of all information I have provided regarding the construction of the project and the age of my students.   To my knowledge, all work contained in the project is either original or properly cited.   

(  ) I have read the copyright guidelines at and we have obtained permission to use any copyrighted graphics or sounds.  The content contained in our project is original and we have cited our sources appropriately. 

(  ) I have included all letters of permission for any graphics or sound files obtained from other sources. If these were obtained through electronic means they are included in a digital format on the CD/DVD or Zip disk. 

(  )  If our project is a winner, I will chaperone one student team representative and assume complete responsibility for his/her  welfare at the National Educational Technology Conference, June 20-23, 2004 in New Orleans, LA .  I can be available for travel on these dates.

(  )  I have included copies of parental permission forms for work which may be included on the official Multimedia Mania CD ROM.  I understand that this CD will be freely distributed to educators as an example of excellent work. 
(YES____) (NO____)

Name of one student team representative who will travel to NECC to help present the project.


Teacher's Signature: ___________________________________ Date_________________

(Note to Supervisor:  Please check the above information for accuracy and sign below if, to the best of your knowledge, this form is correct.)

Principal/Building Supervisor:_________________________________________________________________
                                                  (Please Print Name Here)
                        (Signature)                               (Title)


Please mail this signed, completed form, along with your project disks. 

<NOTE> Include Entry Form Part 2 and Parental Permission Form for Publication along with your project disks. Include Entry Form Part 1 and the Learning Outcomes Questions and any other supporting materials you wish to be viewed on your project disks as MS Word documents, RTF, or HTML files.