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How Do We Submit Our Projects?

We are taking a break this year so that we can find some corporate sponsors to help get the winners to the NECC meeting. We encourage you to use our rubric and continue to work in multimedia with your students. We should have information about next year ready by July 2005.

Projects must be submitted by the teacher primarily responsible for the students involved.  Only REGISTERED Projects may be submitted.  Please follow these instructions carefully:

1. Review the Final Checklist to assure your project meets these guidelines.

2. Check for copyright violations!  Carefully document your sources.  When in doubt, write for permission.  You may use How to Cite Your Sources and MLA Guidelines in MidLink Magazine's Teacher Resource Room.  You may also use the Permission Letter Templates for requesting permission to link to a site or post a graphic. See the Current Copyright Guidelines for what is allowed under Fair Use.

3. Save and print any permissions you obtain from publishers, webmasters, artists, authors, etc. These must be included when  you submit your project.

4. Make sure students have removed and any other personal information from their project.

5. Make certain your project will work from the CD or Zip disk on which it is saved.  Try it out on different machines. If you are developing a web site, look at it using different browsers and possibly different platforms.

6. Answer the Learning Outcome Questions and include this with your project in digital format on your CD or Zip disk.

7. Download the Entry Form: Part 1. It must be filled out and saved onto your CD or Zip disk as a digital document.  Entry Form: Part 2 should be printed out, signed, and included in your package with your project. Include any special viewing instructions on this sheet. A sheet will be signed by your administrator and sent in with the project also.

8. Print our Parental Permission Form for Publication and send it home for parents'  signatures.  We will need signed copies of these forms in case your project is a winner.

Mailing Instructions and Guidelines

Mail 4 copies of your project on a Zip disk or CD-ROM, clearly labeled with the following: Teacher's name, project number, age and grade of students, platform (PC or Mac), the grade level of my students, software required to run my project, school, city, state or province. Use the Final Checklist  to make sure you have included all required documents.  Mail the project along with the above information to the appropriate address below:

Multimedia Mania Awards
C/O Dr. Lisa Grable
Director, Learning Technologies Resource Center 
Box 7801
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7801


We urge you to begin your project as soon as possible!
Register using our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM before the deadline of XX/XX/200X.

Complete the Entry Form: Part 1 and 2, and mail it to the appropriate address above, along with your project, before the deadline of XX/XX/200X.

A distinguished panel of international judges will select a winner and two runners-up from each category. Winners will be announced in XX/XX/200X

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