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These By-Laws have been adopted by the Executive Committee of the African Educational Research Network, hereafter referred to as AERN, at meetings organized during the Sixth Boleswa Symposium in Gaborone, Botswana, August 7-11, 1995. AERN is a consortium of African and Northern universities.

Mission of the AERN: The mission of the AERN is to promote and support collaborations amongst universities of Africa and the north that will contribute to strengthening of research capacities in the areas of African educational development.

Membership: Membership is on an institutional basis and is the determined by action of the Executive Committee of the AERN. Invitations to affiliate may be extended by the Executive Committee and individual institutions may apply to become members.

Organization: Each member institution will designate one representative as a voting member of the Executive Committee. Institutions may send an alternate with or without voting proxy. The Executive Committee will be the sole governing entity within the AERN with its authority limited to the affairs and activities of the network. The administrative officer of the AERN is the Chair, selected by the Executive Committee for two year periods which begin on July 1. The Chair works closely with the Executive Committee on all matters. An African and a Northern Coordinator serve at the discretion of the Executive Committee and, as the title suggests, have responsibilities and duties as assigned to them by the Executive Committee. The Coordinators work closely with the Chair on all matters.

AERN Meetings: The Executive Committee will meet at least once a year. All meetings, conferences and seminars will be determined by the Chair after consultation with the Executive Committee. Matters such as the frequency, except for the minimum stipulated above, venue and agendas are at the discretion of the Executive Committee. They will be organized and administered by the Coordinators who will attend the Executive Committee meetings.

Election of the Chair: Six months prior to the expiration of each two year term, the Coordinators will consult the Executive Committee for recommendations concerning the selection of a Chair for the following biennium. Nominations will be submitted no later than May 1 after which this information will be sent to Executive Committee members for final vote. Persons may not be nominated without their knowledge and consent.

Appointment of Coordinators: The Coordinators are appointed by the Executive Committee upon the recommendation of the Chair. The African Coordinator will serve from July 1, 1995 through June 30, 1996. The Northern Coordinator will serve from July 1, 1995 through June 30, 1998. Thereafter, they will serve three-year renewable periods.

Critical Site of the Organizations for Administrative Purposes: The Executive Committee will determine the organizational site of the AERN for periods of not less than three years. The "host" university will accept responsibility as fiscal agent for any funded interests of all members. This does not extend to Network related individual institutions.

Change of By-Laws: These By-Laws may be changed by a vote of two thirds of the Executive Committee members present. Notices of change must be in the hands of the Executive Committee members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.


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