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Please send us your papers on African studies.  If you are thinking of writing one for us, consider the following areas:
1.  Education and Development in Africa.

2.  Health care in Africa
3.  Politics and Education in Africa
4.  Transportation
5.  Economic Development
6.  Finance and Industry
7.  Banking in Africa
8.  NGOs
9.  Higher Education
10.  Modern Elections
11.  The Military in African Politics
12.  Democracy in Africa
13.  Elites and Politics in Africa
14.  Africa in the World Press
15.  African Unity and African Development
15.  African Cultural Practices
16.  The Role of Women in African Development
17.  Modern High School Organization in Africa
18.  Professional Development for Teachers in Africa
19.  African Scholars in the United States/Canada/United Kingdom/Germany/France
20.  Soccer in Africa
21.  Africa and the World Cup
22.  Economic Development in Africa
23.  Trade in Africa
24.  Rural Development Projects in Africa
25.  Fishing in Africa
26.  Agricultural Development in Africa
27.  The Congo Crisis
28.  Military Interventions in Africa
29. African Legal Systems
30.  The Courts and Education in Africa
31.  The Role University Students in Nation Building in Africa
32.  University Housing Projects in Africa
33.  The Mass Media in African Development
34.  Educational Technology and Teaching and Learning in Africa
35.  The Internet in Education in Africa
36.  Oil Politics:  The Scene in Africa
37.  Human Rights and Government Policies in Africa
38.  Women in Politics
39.  Teaching With Technology in High Schools in Africa
40.  Africa and Politics in the Middle East
41.  The United Nations and Education in Africa
42.  The United Nations and Health care in Africa
43.  The World Health Organization and AIDS in Africa
44.  The United States and Education in Africa
45.  African Students in the United States: What Are They Learning?
46.  Food Production in Africa: Trends & Problems
47.  Women and Sports in Africa
48.  National Security and Politics in Africa
49.  African Traditional Religion and Personality 50.  Corruption in Africa 51.  Elections in Africa
52. Curriculum Issues in Education in Africa

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