An on-line African Educational Research Journal



To broaden the scope of sociopolitical, educational and economic understanding about the
continent of Africa and to support through research conducted on, in and about the African
continent the dissemination of information associated with education and human development
pertaining to people, products and systems on the continent of Africa.


I. This work of the AERN will serve as a conduit for information and provide the
structure necessary for the improvement of educational access and opportunities for
persons residing on the continent of Africa

II. The AERN intends to serve as the major source of research that is easily accessible
by all persons who have an interest in Africa.

III. The AERN aims to become an institutionalized and sustainable network of
educational resources that are available and accessible to educators, researchers,
practitioners and policy makers throughout the world in general and specifically on
the continent of Africa.


I. To provide policy makers, researchers and the civil society with applicable tools with
which to transform African education and advance human development.

II. To provide educational access for the people of Africa, in addition to opportunities
and an avenue for scholars in Africa to publish their research findings.

III. To enhance the global understanding of research that is being conducted on the
continent of Africa.

IV. To bridge the gap between Africa and the world through the promotion and
sustenance of human development issues, collaboration and meaningful research.
V. To position AERN as the unique entity with the intellectual instrument that stimulates
quality research and publication by individuals and agencies on, in and about the
continent of Africa.

VI. To create a sustainable model of institutional and field research activities that ensures
the perpetuity of the AERN through space and time.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

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