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Besides English, the Principles of Universal Design are increasingly translated into other languages as the concept is adapted world-wide.

We have collected some of these here.

Poster Versions
Web-site Links

Principles of Universal Design - Poster Versions
(click on image to see full-size PDF document)
Principles of UD in Dutch Principles of UD -- English Principles of UD -- French Principles of UD -- German
Principles of UD in Indonesian Principles of UD - Italian Principles of UD - Japanese Principles of UD - Korean
Principles of UD - Norwegian Principles of UD - Portuguese Principles of UD - Spanish Principles of UD - Swedish

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For principles of Universal Design in other languages as provided on other web-sites, click below:

The Center for Universal Design had no involvement in the translation of the Principles of Universal Design© into other languages.  These links are solely provided as a service.  If you are aware that the Principles of Universal Design© are available in other languages, on the internet, or the existence of a more “definitive” version than the one listed, please contact the Center at

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