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The education and training activities of the Center span all ages, many audiences, and multiple modalities. From grade school classes to senior center users; from semester-long post secondary design courses to conference keynotes; from lectures to hands on experiences, Center staff communicates the essentials of accessible and universal design. Our topics include products, housing, the non-residential built environment, codes and standards, and urban design. Professional audiences include builders, industrial designers, engineers, remodelers, interior designers, architects, planners, and agency staff.


The strategies we employ enable participants to gain an awareness of the issues of all people as part of a continuum of life experiences including those who are temporarily able bodied, those with permanent and temporary disabilities, and people who are older. Participants will understand that there are design implications when meeting the needs of people with different abilities. Participants will understand the natural range of human performance that can include variances in sight, hearing, movement, and thought. Participants will also understand the importance of considering a range of ages in design problems.


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