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We appreciate your interests in Universal Design, a global movement of inclusive design practice initiated at NC State University College of Design. The Center for Universal Design is currently not active due to funding challenges. We are working to revive the Center, hopefully in the near future. We are unable at this time to provide assistance to your design inquiries.




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Universal Design in Community Planning

Final Certification of North Carolina Accessibility Code (pdf)

Center for Universal Design Staff serve on Council for New Voices School

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Elaine Ostroff Honorary Member of AIA

She is one of 9 “individuals who, although not architects by profession, have given distinguished service to the profession of architecture or the allied arts and sciences, and thus have made all of our lives richer.” The announcement goes on to say “For more than 30 years, Elaine Ostroff has served as an international leader and design advocate who has had a significant impact on many facets of both design practice and education. Considered the “go to” person for questions on accessibility as well as universal design…” For the full article, see: (news item courtesy of Global Universal Design Educators Online News)

FX International Interior Design Awards (pdf) -- includes INCLUSIVE DESIGN PROJECT OR PRODUCT: Environments, products, services and interfaces need to work for people of all ages and abilities. Current and future legislative strategies motion towards making design work better for everybody. FX will be awarding architects, product designers, retailers, service providers, and manufacturers who have shown initiative through their design concepts and solutions.

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Books, Journals or Magazine Articles

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Past Conferences, Education Events, Competitions and Demonstration Homes

June 2007
>> New Livable Communities Award Will Honor Forward Looking Home Builders, Developers and Remodelers
>> Universal Housing: Myths and Realities (PDF) (Ontario Canada, June 2007)
Leslie Young and Richard Duncan presented at the Festival of International Conferences on Caregiving, Disability, Aging, and Technology (FICCDAT) a comparison of the perceptions and realities of universally designed homes; how they contrast to accessible housing and homes that result from an Inclusive Design or Design for All philosophy.

Spring 2007
>> New Universal Demonstration Home to Open (Virginia) (December - Spring 2007)

March 2007
>> Accessible Design Awards (pdf) -- Open to anyone in the world — designer, building official, citizen, community group, building owner, public agency, etc. for a Massachusetts project. This program recognizes excellence in the design of buildings or facilities that are accessible for persons of all abilities.

November 2006
>> National Forum on Universal Housing -- "Unlimited by Design" (Australia)
>> Universal Design -- American Planning Association Audio/Web Conference Training
>> Universal Design of Buildings: Tools and Policy (Belgium)

October 2006
>> 2006 Missouri Universal Design Conference (pdf) -- Richard Duncan gave two invited presentations -- his keynote address was titled, Trends in Universal Design in Housing. He also spoke on the topic, Affordable Universal Design.
>> Making Sense of Accessibility -- Leslie Young presented at the October continuing education event sponsored by the AIA Triangle chapter, titled Accessibility and Universal Design Concepts: A Match Made for Design. Ms. Young spoke on the topics: Relationship between Universal Design & the NC Accessibility Code and Avoiding some of the Most Common ADA Errors.
>> Delaware/Maryland APA Conference - "From Urban to Suburban and Back" (Wilmington DE)
>> 2nd International Conference for Universal Design in Kyoto 2006 (Japan)

August 2006
Beijing International Symposium on Universal Design (China)

July 2006
Universal Design and Visitability: From Accessibility to Zoning Conference (Columbus OH)

May 2006
Virginia Housing Conference (pdf)

April 2006
“Universal Design: The American Experience"
Leslie Young and Marcelo Guimaraes Deliver Keynote Address at International Seminar on Universal Design -- on the topic “Universal Design: The American Experience". The International Seminar: 'Universal Design: Creating Designs without Barriers” was held at the Sao Paulo Industry Federation sponsored by the Sao Paulo Design Center. The following day was spent discussing with students and faculty strategies to better include universal design in their product designs. Of significance was the Design Center’s emphasis on reusing materials that would have otherwise been discarded and assisting local folk artisans enhance their products to be more marketable, critical to maintaining a high level of employment.

March 2006
Housing Summit (St Louis), more information (pdf)

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Newspaper and/or Online Articles

Accessible as You Age, Sandra Fleishman (Charlotte Observer, June 2006)

Adapting your home to maximize mobility, Sandra Fleishman (Washington Post, Feb 2006)

Aging populations inspire ‘universal design’ housing, Charles Taylor (County News Online, January 2007)

Builders embrace universal design, Ann Matesi (Custom Builder, Jan 1, 2007)

Couple's house is home for good, Bob Moos (Dallas Morning News, Feb 6, 2007)

Designed for Life, John Minnick (Qualified Remodeler, April 2007)

For Boomers, the house of the future, June Fletcher (, originally Wall Street Journal, March 2007)

Going Mainstream, David Hunt (NCSU Newsroom, September 2007)

History of Universal Design in the United States, Design For All Institute India (Inaugeral Issue, February 2006) -- article by Richard Duncan (CUD)

House Fits Disabled and Those Who Will Be, (Delaware News Journal, July 25, 2006)

It Does Get Easier (Appliances - Universal Design) by Stacy Downs (Kansas City Star, Sept 24, 2006)

Just Don't Call Them Seniors by Ilyce R Glink (Real Estate Matters Syndicate)

Make Home More Comfy as Workspace by David Bradley, AP (Naples Daily News, Nov 11, 2006)

Making Modifications for Age and Disability by Jay Romano (New York Times, Sep 9, 2007)

National Perspectives; Design for Everyone, Disabled or Not by Lisa Chamberlain (NY Times, Jan 7, 2007)

Universal Design (pdf), Christa Gala (News & Observer, June 2006) -- posted with permission of the News & Observer

Universal Design Homes Attract Aging Population, Eric English (Bay City Times, Oct 10, 2007)

Universal Design Means Accessibility for One and All, by Rachel Zimmerman (Building Operating Management, November 2006)

Universal Design: St. Louis apartment complex exemplifies growing trend of making buildings accessible to everyone, by Riddhi Trivedi-St. Clair (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 05/13/2007)

Universal Home Designs Work for All Ages, Abilities, Carrie Ferguson (Courier News, August 25, 2006)

Universal Home Sweet Home, Natalea Watkins (New Mobility Magazine, April 2007)

Universally Appealing Home Design for Everyone, Barbara Ballinger (REALTOR® Magazine Online, Aug 1, 2007)

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Media Programming

New Dublin Centre on Universal Design (October 2007) -- interview with Richard Duncan (CUD) (Audio)

NH Outlook (June 2006) … Seeing Seniors: Universal Design (you can view the program using “Real Player”) (Video)

Seattle Channel  (June 2006) … Universal Design: Classroom Meets Concrete (Video)

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