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We appreciate your interests in Universal Design, a global movement of inclusive design practice initiated at NC State University College of Design. The Center for Universal Design is currently not active due to funding challenges. We are working to revive the Center, hopefully in the near future. We are unable at this time to provide assistance to your design inquiries.

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THE CENTER FOR UNIVERSAL DESIGN is a national research, information, and technical assistance center that evaluates, develops, and promotes accessible and universal design in housing, buildings, outdoor and urban environments and related products. Part of the College of Design at North Carolina State University (NCSU), Raleigh, NC, the Center promotes the concept of universal design in all design, construction, and manufacturing disciplines through research, design assistance, and training. The Center collaborates with builders and manufacturers on the development of new design solutions. It also develops publications and instructional materials, and provides information, referrals and technical assistance to individuals with disabilities, families, and professionals around the state and elsewhere.

The Center is an initiative within Research, Extension and Engagement at the College of Design, North Carolina State University. Center staff works closely with students, faculty and staff at NCSU, particularly at the College of Design and maintain frequent contact with faculty, professionals, consultants and consumers around the state. Center staff have conducted research, demonstration projects, or educational activities in every part of the state: Currituck, Columbus, Alamance, Buncombe, Mecklenburg, Pitt, Northampton, and many other counties. In addition, the Center has fielded questions provided technical assistance to thousands of academicians, professionals and households around the state and has disseminated thousands of pieces of our renowned publications to North Carolina residents.

Support for the Center for Universal Design comes from North Carolina State Fund's Allocations, fees for services, and contracts with state agencies.

This portion of the Center’s website is intended to display a selection of the Center’s North Carolina activities over the past 6 years.

This list does not include every project or award of type of involvement that the center for universal design has had that has benefitted north carolinians.  These represent a sampling of activities that have benefitted north carolinans.
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