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Ford's "Third Age Suit" - photo of a woman, with captions pointing out that she is wearing ear plugs to reduce her hearing, goggles to simulate 4 different types of reduced vision, arm bands to restrict range of motion, gloves to reduce sensitivity and dexterity, and wrist and ankle weights to limit precise movements and strength. Back

Focus ZX3 - Photo of a bright red 2002 Ford Focus with silver flashes down the hood and sides, rear spoiler, polished aluminum wheels, and decal. Back

Power-Swivel seats - Close-up photo of same bright red 2002 Ford Focus shown in previous image; the driverís door is fully opened to reveal the black interior and the seat pivoted and extended toward a black manual wheelchair, which is adjacent to the door. Back

Hand Controls - Close-up photo of the Ford Focus dashboard, looking over the left shoulder of a female driver wearing a blue shirt and black glasses; her right hand is holding the steering wheel at the 3 oíclock position; her left hand is holding the black brake and accelerator hand control stalk at the 8 oíclock position. Back

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