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We appreciate your interests in Universal Design, a global movement of inclusive design practice initiated at NC State University College of Design. The Center for Universal Design is currently not active due to funding challenges. We are working to revive the Center, hopefully in the near future. We are unable at this time to provide assistance to your design inquiries.

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Affordable and Universal Homes For Independence/Ability II

Sponsor: Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

PI: Richard Duncan

Period: 01/01/99 through 12/31/2000

The Center for Universal Design conducted a two-year design and construction program with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates to help Habitat produce affordable, universally designed homes. In this project, the Center reviewed and, in consultation with three local Habitat affiliates (Chatham, Orange, and Johnston counties) and consumers, revised their standard house plans; converting the plans to ones that can accommodate households with a disabled family member without sacrificing cost or appearance. The project demonstrated that Habitat could produce universal homes with the added potential of promoting these new design standards to Habitat affiliates statewide and beyond.

Affordable and Universal Homes: A Plan Book

This book, designed to be used by Habitat for Humanity affiliates and other affordable housing providers, illustrates affordable and universal homes. Individuals and families interested in affordable housing design will also find this publication useful. The Plan Book is a result of a two-year design, product selection, and construction program between the Center for Universal Design and local Habitat for Humanity affiliates. In this project, the Center reviewed and, in consultation with two local North Carolina Habitat affiliates and homeowners, revised their standard house plans to include universal features without sacrificing cost or appearance. The book features five plans, some of which have been adapted from existing plans and some of which were newly created. Also included is a brief introduction to universal design and an outline of the universal features to consider. We hope that affordable housing advocates will adapt and use these plans as they can. This book is available for purchase.

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Habitat home with earth berm entrance

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