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We appreciate your interests in Universal Design, a global movement of inclusive design practice initiated at NC State University College of Design. The Center for Universal Design is currently not active due to funding challenges. We are working to revive the Center, hopefully in the near future. We are unable at this time to provide assistance to your design inquiries.

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Universal Design Homes Program

Sponsor: Casino Reinvestment Development Authority of Atlantic City, NJ

PI: Richard Duncan
Phone:  919-515-8557
Fax:  919-515-3023

The Center for Universal Design with the collaboration of AARP completed a 24 month universal design project which provided universal design, training, and consulting services to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The project had three initiatives: Universal Demonstration Home, Universal Homes for Atlantic City, and Home Modifications. The overall goals of the project were to provide universally designed homes and neighborhoods in Atlantic City and to allow individuals with disabilities to remain in their homes. As a result of this project, CRDA and Atlantic City become national models for creating environments that support users of all age ranges and ability levels while helping their citizens at the same time. Our efforts served local, statewide, and visitor constituencies.

Universal Demonstration Home

The CRDA’s Universal Design Demonstration Home showed how to build universal housing that can be enjoyed by everyone but can really benefit a growing number of households: older households or households with a disabled family member. Because this group will continue to grow for the next 50 years, builders need to include universal features to keep pace with this changing customer base.

Fortunately, the features that benefit these households also benefit many others. All of us can appreciate smooth, stepless entries, covered porches, wider doors and hallways, and convenient storage and appliances. The house will also demonstrate convenient and flexible kitchen and bathroom designs such as sitting workspaces and curbless showers. The universal home has the latest in home automation as well as simple features such as a package shelf to ease entry with arms full of packages. The 4,000 square foot Universal Design Demonstration home showcases a range of universal design features that homeowners can incorporate into new homes and renovation projects. The home contains architectural products, appliances, and fixtures that add convenience, ease-of-use, safety, and extra value to homes.

The Universal Design Demonstration Home in Atlantic City, New Jersey opened for viewing in March 2002. Visits were possible for individuals as well as groups who made arrangements in advance for viewing, tours, and meetings during 2002. In collaboration with RNS association, the home was also open to the public during July and August 2002 for special viewing. Important audiences included all households, particularly those with older or disabled members. Families considering a new home or a renovation were particularly interested in the features and products in this house. Interested disciplines included representatives from the housing and design industry, the disability community, the health care system, and the aging network, and faculty, teachers and students in these respective fields.

The demonstration home is no longer available for visiting.

Click here to view an overview of the project (pdf)
Click here to view the floor plans
Click here for a listing of products and manufacturers
Click here for the PDF version of the listing of products and manufacturers (pdf)
As part of the publication UD in Housing there is a list of Universal Product Characteristics (pages 13-16)

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