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We appreciate your interests in Universal Design, a global movement of inclusive design practice initiated at NC State University College of Design. The Center for Universal Design is currently not active due to funding challenges. We are working to revive the Center, hopefully in the near future. We are unable at this time to provide assistance to your design inquiries.

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Designing for People of All Ages and Abilities

The Universal Design File: Designing for People of All Ages and Abilities



Molly Follette Story, MS, IDSA
James L. Mueller, MA, IDSA
Ronald L. Mace, FAIA

© 1998, NC State University
Published by The Center for Universal Design
127 pp. + Appendix


Table of Contents

Credits and Acknowledgments (32k)
Introduction (64k)
Chapter 1. A Brief History of Universal Design (64k)
Chapter 2. Understanding the Spectrum of Human Abilities (96k)
Chapter 3. The Principles of Universal Design and Their Application (96k)

PRINCIPLE ONE: Equitable Use (224k)
PRINCIPLE TWO: Flexibility in Use (160k)
PRINCIPLE THREE: Simple and Intuitive Use (192k)
PRINCIPLE FOUR: Perceptible Information (128k)
PRINCIPLE FIVE: Tolerance for Error (128k)
PRINCIPLE SIX: Low Physical Effort (160k)
PRINCIPLE SEVEN: Size and Space for Approach and Use (160k)

Chapter 4. Case Studies on Universal Design (96k)

Case 1/Principle One: Equitable Use (96k)
Promoting Equality While Preserving History at the University of Virginia
(University of Virginia)

Case 2/Principle Two: Flexibility in Use (96k)
Fiskars Considers Variety of Customer Ages and Abilities
(Fiskars, Inc.; Fiskars Oy Ab)

Case 3/Principle Three: Simple and Intuitive Use (128k)
Worldwide Distribution Requires Simplicity in Product Assembly
(IKEA, U.S., Inc.; IKEA Svenska AB)

Case 4/Principle Four: Perceptible Information (96k)
Designing for the Senses at The Lighthouse
(The Lighthouse, Inc.)

Case 5/Principle Five: Tolerance for Error (64k)
The “Squeeze-Meter” Dispenser Eliminates Measuring Tasks
(McKechne Plastics)

Case 6/Principle Six: Low Physical Effort (64k)
Redesign of Classic Tupperware Incorporates Universal Design
(Tupperware Worldwide)

Case 7/Principle Seven: Size and Space for Approach and Use (64k)
Steelcase’s New Approach to Workplace Design
(Steelcase, Inc.)

Conclusion (64k)
Appendix A: Resource List (160k)

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