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Designing for People of All Ages and Abilities

The Universal Design File: Designing for People of All Ages and Abilities



Molly Follette Story, MS, IDSA
James L. Mueller, MA, IDSA
Ronald L. Mace, FAIA

© 1998, NC State University
Published by The Center for Universal Design
127 pp. + Appendix


Table of Contents

Credits and Acknowledgments (32k)
Introduction (64k)
Chapter 1. A Brief History of Universal Design (64k)
Chapter 2. Understanding the Spectrum of Human Abilities (96k)
Chapter 3. The Principles of Universal Design and Their Application (96k)

PRINCIPLE ONE: Equitable Use (224k)
PRINCIPLE TWO: Flexibility in Use (160k)
PRINCIPLE THREE: Simple and Intuitive Use (192k)
PRINCIPLE FOUR: Perceptible Information (128k)
PRINCIPLE FIVE: Tolerance for Error (128k)
PRINCIPLE SIX: Low Physical Effort (160k)
PRINCIPLE SEVEN: Size and Space for Approach and Use (160k)

Chapter 4. Case Studies on Universal Design (96k)

Case 1/Principle One: Equitable Use (96k)
Promoting Equality While Preserving History at the University of Virginia
(University of Virginia)

Case 2/Principle Two: Flexibility in Use (96k)
Fiskars Considers Variety of Customer Ages and Abilities
(Fiskars, Inc.; Fiskars Oy Ab)

Case 3/Principle Three: Simple and Intuitive Use (128k)
Worldwide Distribution Requires Simplicity in Product Assembly
(IKEA, U.S., Inc.; IKEA Svenska AB)

Case 4/Principle Four: Perceptible Information (96k)
Designing for the Senses at The Lighthouse
(The Lighthouse, Inc.)

Case 5/Principle Five: Tolerance for Error (64k)
The “Squeeze-Meter” Dispenser Eliminates Measuring Tasks
(McKechne Plastics)

Case 6/Principle Six: Low Physical Effort (64k)
Redesign of Classic Tupperware Incorporates Universal Design
(Tupperware Worldwide)

Case 7/Principle Seven: Size and Space for Approach and Use (64k)
Steelcase’s New Approach to Workplace Design
(Steelcase, Inc.)

Conclusion (64k)
Appendix A: Resource List (160k)

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