Natural Resources Leadership Institute

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About the Institute

The Natural Resources Leadership Institute is an instructional and community service program of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service at NC State University.  The goal of the Natural Resources Leadership Institute is to improve management and policy decisions affecting North Carolina's communities and natural resources.   We are working toward this goal by:

  • Improving collaborative leadership in natural resource management and policy development;
  • Convening stakeholders and decision makers in action-oriented forums to identify, negotiate, and resolve issues;
  • Conducting research and providing training in decision-making, negotiation, and facilitation;
  • Expanding the capacity for collaborative problem-solving in North Carolina.

What We Do

The Institute’s Leadership Development Program brings together people from government agencies, private industry, community and environmental organizations, and educational institutions in an atmosphere conducive to exploration and learning. Our ultimate goal is to foster the development of mutually satisfactory environmental policies. The curriculum, which focuses on leadership, conflict resolution, and collaborative problem solving, consists of six workshops, two review sessions, and a practicum that involves the participant in collaborative solutions to natural resource issues with others who have a stake in the outcome. Graduates of the program are better decision-makers in working with other stakeholders and who can fashion more workable solutions toward North Carolina’s natural resource problems.

The program on Environmental Decision-Making convenes representatives of business, public interest groups, and government to jointly explore public policy issues, management priorities, future visions, and regulatory matters. The Institute supports these processes by designing and facilitating collaborative decision-making processes.

We also provide Specialized Training Courses around leadership development, environmental conflict resolution, negotiation, facilitation, public involvement, participatory decision making, and similar topics for government agencies, boards and commissions, nonprofit organizations, facilitators and mediators, firms, and interested citizens. 

We complement our training and decision-making programs with course materials, training videos, educational booklets, and citizen guides.

Institute Support

The Natural Resources Leadership Institute is supported by the generous contributions of numerous organizations and individuals. We wish to acknowledge the following organizations for their support in advancing the principles of collaborative problem solving:

  • USDA Cooperative State Research, Education & Extension Service, RREA project
  • Progress Energy Foundation
  • Duke Energy Foundation
  • Weyerhaeuser Foundation
  • Manufacturers and Chemical Industry Council of North Carolina
  • Columbia Carolina
  • And the NRLI Fellows who have donated time and resources to support special events and scholarships for colleagues.

For more information about the Institute, please contact Mary Lou Addor.