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Natural Resources Training Event

Natural Resources Leadership Association Training - August 7, 2012 (Tuesday)
JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh, NC

Integrating Collaborative Technology in Environmental, Public, and Community Decision-Making

The Natural Resources Leadership Institute of the NC Cooperative Extension Service,has partnered with RESOLVE to provide a one day training on integrating collaborative technology into public decision-making.The session will explore design considerations in the use of collaborative technology, including pros and cons, popular technologies, and application for your work in environmental, public, and community decision-making.

RESOLVE, founded in 1977, promotes the effective use of collaboration and consensus building in public decisions and helps people with diverse interests engage in dialogue. RESOLVE helped institutionalize the use of dispute resolution techniques in the policy making process, particularly in the U.S, and continues to advance new learning, best practices, and ethics across the dispute resolution field. RESOLVE's expertise in the use of collaborative technology will ensure a top-notch learning experience.

This training is funded in part through a generous donation from Duke Energy! Registration and additional details about the training are available by clicking on the training title link.

Natural Resources Leadership Association Training - April 7, 2011
JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh, NC

Communicating At Your Best: Speaking with Passion! Speaking that Matters!

Geared toward participants  wanting to improve their communication and presentation skills, the Natural Resources Leadership Association is pleased to present Vicki Taylor, an internationally known trainer and coach.

Vicki has owned and operated a small international consulting business since 1990 maintaining offices in Troutman, NC and London, England. Vicki works with business, non-profits, and community leaders in communication and presentation skills, project and priority management, strategic planning, leadership, innovation and creativity. She provides facilitation services in a broad number of areas. Vicki is also a lawyer and has served as the Executive Coordinator for the Catawba-Wateree Relicensing Coalition since 2000.

Vicki has conducted an annual training in public presentation skills for the Natural Resources Leadership Institute (NRLI) since 2003,consistently providing a highly regarded and effective training session.

Early registration ends March 15, 2011; general registration begins March 16,2011. The workshop is scheduled for April 7, 2011, in Raleigh, NC. The workshop is limited to 25 registrants.

Funding from Duke Energy is helping to sponsor this training event.

Please feel free to distribute this workshop announcement within your organization and to your colleagues. 

We hope to see you on April 7, 2011!

Click here for information about the workshop agenda, costs, and registration.


Natural Resources Leadership Association Training - Dec 2, 2010
JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh, NC

Polarization Around Public Issues: What Can Facilitators Do to Address It?

This year's Natural Resources Leadership Association is pleased to present Andrew Sachs, a nationally known mediator and facilitator of public issues, for a one day training.

Andrew coordinates the Public Disputes Program at the Dispute Settlement Center (DSC), a community-based not for profit agency based in Carrboro, North Carolina.  The Public Disputes Program helps groups in the public, private and non-profit sectors to work collaboratively by providing meeting facilitation, conflict mediation, collaborative process design, and related training programs.  More detailed background on DSC, including its most recent Annual Report, is available at  For additional information about Andy Sachs, click here.

Click here for information about the workshop agenda, costs, and registration.


Natural Resources Leadership Association Training - Nov 5, 2009
Blue Jay Point County Park, Raleigh, NC

Practical Techniques for Enhancing Communication and Creativity
in Complex Situations

Practical Techniques For Enhancing Communication and Creativity in Complex Situations

Does your organization have trouble making decisions?  Do you come to the brink of deciding, and then back off?  Does it seem that some factions focus on one part of the situation, while others focus elsewhere, and no one really communicates?  Do some problems seem so complex that there seems to be no single “right” answer?  Does the problem you are trying to address seem to change and evolve more quickly than your ability to solve it?

 If so, this workshop is for you.This year’s Natural Resources Leadership Association is pleased to present Dr. Steve Daniels, a nationally known mediator, organizational development consultant, and educator for a one-day workshop on practical techniques that you can use to facilitate on-task dialogue and deliberation in complex situations.

The workshop will involve a range of simulations, activities, and techniques that can be applied and adapted to a wide range of problems.  These techniques can enhance effectiveness within organizations, but are doubly useful in collaborative and multi-organizational processes.

Dr. Steven Daniels is co-author of “Working Through Environmental Conflict: The Collaborative Learning Approach.”  He is the program leader for Community Development in University Extension, and Professor in the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology and the Department of Environment and Society at Utah State University.

Much of Dr. Daniels professional interests focus on community linkages to natural resources and in collaborative processes in natural resource management. He has been involved in a number of community-level collaborations, primarily in the Pacific Northwest.

Click here for information about the workshop agenda, costs, and registration

Please feel free to circulate this announcement to other professionals in your networks.