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Officers/Executive Committee
  • Dean Lee - President
  • Tom Wentworth – Secretary
  • Brian Peters – Historian
  • Kristine Alpi – Treasurer and Webmaster
  • Larry Blanton - Administrative Liaison and Chair of the Committee on Members-in-Course
  • Jennifer Nolan - Past-President
PBK Faculty/Staff at NC State

Supporting members (shown in bolded italics) supported the Zeta Chapter of North Carolina with a donation within the past two years.

Nina Stromgren Allen, Plant Biology
Kristine Alpi, Libraries
Maxine P. Atkinson, Sociology and Anthropology
David F. Austin, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Barbara J. Baines, English
Lynne Baker-Ward, Psychology
David S. Ball, Economics
Diane Susan Beckman, Foreign Languages And Literatures
John C. Begeny, Psychology
Catherine Bishir, Libraries
John W. Bishir, Mathematics
Alison Blaine, Libraries
Richard Lawrence Blanton, University Honors Program/Plant Biology
Dennis D. Boos, Statistics
Jeffery P. Braden, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Lucy Bradley, Horticulture Science
Paul Broyles III, Libraries
John W. Carroll, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Jessica T. DeCuir-Gunby, Curriculum and Instruction
Richard E. Chandler, Mathematics
Eric Chi, Statistics
Karen Ciccone, Libraries
James W. Clark, English
Jo-Ann D. Cohen, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Arthur W. Cooper, Forestry and Environmental Resources
Randolph C. Cox, Foreign Languages and Literatures
James E. Crisp, History
Martha Crowley, Sociology & Anthropology
Carl R. Crozier, Soil Science
Mary Kathleen Cunningham, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Stephanie E. Curtis, Genetics
Margaret E. Daub, Plant Biology
Joesph F. DeCarolis, Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
Dave J. DeMaster, Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
E. Jacquelin Dietz, Statistics
Joseph DeSimone, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Cathy Dorin-Black, Libraries
Murray S. Downs, Provost's Office
Jeremiah Feducia, Chemistry
Grace L. Finkle, Counseling Center
Marian Fragola, Libraries
David J. Flath, Economics
Oscar J. Fletcher, Population Health & Pathobiology
Lance D. Fusarelli, Leadership, Policy & Adult & Higher Education
Pamela S. Gabriel, College of Textiles
Victoria J. Gallagher, Communication
Jennifer Garrett, Libraries
David G. Garson, Political Science
Michael D. Garval, Foreign Languages and Literatures
David Paul Genereux , Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
Douglas J. Gillan, Psychology
James F. Gilliam, Biology
David P. Gilmartin, History
Fred Gould, Entomology
David B. Greene, Interdisciplinary Studies
Michael Grimwood, English
Charlotte Gross, English
David G. Haase, Physics
Candace H. Haigler, Crop Science
Linda K. Hanley-Bowdoin, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
Anthony H. Harrison, English
Harold F. Heatwole, Biology
Monique Heitz Granger, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Patricia L. Hersh, Mathematics
George R. Hess,  Forestry & Environmental Resources 
M. Thomas Hester, English
William C. Holton, Electrical & Computer Engineering
LeeAnn Jaykus, Food Science & Microbiology
Jason Jefferies, Libraries
Douglas M. Jesseph, Philosophy and Religious Studies
C. T. Kelley, Mathematics
Tiffany Kershner, University Honors Program
Sandy H. Kessler, Political Science
Margaret F. King, English
Charles R. Knoeber, Economics
Fred Lado, Physics
Dean J. Lee, Physics
Jeffery C. Leiter, Sociology & Anthropology
James C. Lester, Computer Science
Barbara B. Levenbook, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Jonathan S. Lindsey, Chemistry
Laura Linker, English
Gerald Lucovsky, Physics
Emily Lynema, Libraries
Lucinda H. Mackethan, English
James W. Mahaffey, Genetics
Leila S. May, English
Kelly McConkey, Counseling Center
Herle M. McGowan, Statistics
Tiffany McLean, College of Natural Resources, Academic Affairs
Jim Michnowicz, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Carolyn R. Miller, English
Karlyn Mitchell, Business Management
Melinda Sandler Morrill, Economics
Jill Robinson Morris, Libraries
Paul W. Mulvey, Business Management
Larsya A. Mykyta, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Craig M. Newmark, Economics
Larry Nielsen, Forestry & Environmental Resources
Jennifer Anne Nolan, English
Susan K. Nutter, Libraries
Henry L. Nuttle, Fitts Dept of Industrial and Systems Engineering
James L. Oblinger, Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences
Darby Orcutt, Libraries
Jason W. Osborne, Curriculum, Instruction & Counselor Education
Michael A. Paesler, Physics
Sandra O. Paur, Mathematics
Brian Peters, College of Management
Lori Marie Petrovich, Chemistry
John Prater, Materials Science & Engineering
Molly Pryzwansky, History
Suzanne T. Purrington, Chemistry
Bob T. Ramsay, Mathematics
Laura L. Ratchford, General Counsel
Serena Reavis, DELTA
Stephen P. Reynolds, Physics
Jim E. Riviere, Population Health & Pathobiology
Shirley Rodgers, Libraries
Elisha Carol Savchak, Political Science
J. Mark Scearce, Music
Alan Schueler, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Barbara B. Shew, Plant Pathology
Heather Shive, Population Health & Pathobiology
Erin Sills, Forestry & Environmental Resources
Judy Jo Small, English
Jeanne J. Smoot, English
Samuel S. Snyder, College of Education
Daniel L. Solomon, College of Physical And Mathematical Sciences
Roy T. Stamper, English
Toddi Steelman, Forestry & Environmental Resources
Katharine Stewart, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Nancy M. Swisher, Foreign Languages And Literatures
Andrew J. Taylor, Public & International Affairs
Nora Traum, Economics
Herbert A. Underwood, Zoology
Kenneth P. Vickery, History
Carol E. Vreeland, Libraries
Michael L. Walden, Agricultural and Resource Economics
John N. Wall, English
Mary C. Watzin, College of Natural Resources
Thomas R. Wentworth, Plant Biology
Ross Whetten, Forestry & Environmental Resources
Jeffrey G. White, Soil Science
Jerry L. Whitten, Chemistry
Mary Ann Witt, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Thomas G. Wolcott, Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Donna L. Wolcott, Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Barbara Zelter, Social Work

Faculty/Staff Member Site

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