Group Participation


  Does not collect  or relay any information that relates to the topic.  2.  Does not perform any duties of assigned team role.
1.  Collects & relay very little information-some relates to the topic.    2.  Performs very little duties.
1.  Collects & relay some basic information--most relates to the topic.  2.    Performs nearly all duties.
1.  Collects & relay a great deal of information-l relates to the topic. 2.  Performs all duties of assigned team role.


Writing Short Stories



1. Story barely understandable with little or no research evident
2.  Short story has four or more spelling and grammatical errors.
1.Story makes some sense, but lacks elaboration or sequencing techniques with some research evident that ties in well in the story.  2.  Short story has three or spelling or grammatical errors.
1.  Story makes sense, includes some elaboration with some research that is tied into the story.  2.  Short story has no more than two misspellings or grammatical errors.
1.  Story is well written and well elaborated with well -researched,  information that is pleasingly integrated into the story.  2.  Short story has  no misspelling or grammatical errors.




1.  No sequence of information  2.  No visual aids  3.  Speaks too quietly when giving presentation
1.  Audience had difficulty following students  2. Few visual aids that merely support text and presentation.  3.  Audience had difficulty hearing presentation.

1.  Audience can follow the sequence of the story.  2.  All visuals relate to the story.  3.  Voice is clearly heard by the audience.
1.  Story is in logical order.  2.  Student presents all elements of the story  3.  Voice is clear with correct pronunciation


Individual Participation


1.  Never listens to teammates-is always talking  2.  Usually argues with teammates
1.  Usually doing most of the talking--rarely allows others to speak  2.  Sometime argues with teammates
1.  Listens, but sometimes talks too much.  2.  Rarely argues
1.  Listens and speaks a fair amount.  2.  Never argues with teammates.


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  Written by Oretha F. DeBrew Last updated 1025/01