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We welcome you to Adventures of the Agronauts, a free, online science curriculum with a space biology theme for elementary grade level students. This curriculum was created to meet the NC Standard Course of Study for 3rd Grade Science. The curriculum is currently being expanded for informal education, so explore the "Agronauts After School" section of the site to see the latest updates.

If you are new to Agronauts, we encourage you to investigate the many different ways to use the curriculum. There are six missions, which include Agronaut Log activities and hands-on experiments. The missions can be used as a complete set or individually. The online format allows for numerous different presentations of the curriculum: students can go to a computer lab and read the material individually or as a group, teachers can project the curriculum onto a screen, or the curriculum can be printed (look in the printables section).

We hope that you enjoy Adventures of the Agronauts! We are always looking for suggestions to improve or compliments on the site, so please e-mail us and take our survey.


If you are looking for a great way to get started, watch the Agronauts Online Tutorial. It will show you the many different aspects of the Agronauts website.




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