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Constellations are patterns of stars in the sky that have names. Constellations have been used for many years to help sailors navigate, or figure out where they are, in the ocean and also to remember stories about heroes and myths. Astronauts can use constellations in the same way. We see different constellations during different seasons as the Earth moves around the Sun.

Agronaut Log LogoEntry 3: Your teacher will help you learn about some constellations that we can see in the night sky and the stories or people that they represent. In your Agronaut log, try drawing your own constellation and making up a story to go along with it.

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Track the constellations currently in the sky!



Rosy and Peanut are looking up towards the sky where they see a constellation in the shape of Peanut.  Peanut has a thought bubble where he thinks, 'Wow!'


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