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What about gravity on the Moon? Gravity helps to keep the Earth orbiting around the Sun. In the same way, gravity helps to keep the Moon orbiting around the Earth. Remember, smaller objects orbit larger ones. The Moon is smaller than Earth, so the pull of gravity from the Earth is stronger. Does the Moon have gravity? Could objects be attracted or pulled towards the Moon by its gravity? Yes, but the gravity on the Moon is only 1/6 of that on the Earth. So, on the Moon, you would only weigh 1/6 of your weight on Earth.

Agronaut Log LogoEntry 8: How much do you weigh on Earth? In your Agronaut Log, calculate what you would weigh on the Moon.

A picture of Tate on a scale with the caption, 'If Tate weighs 60 ponds on Earth, how much will he weigh on the Moon?  Click on the scale to check your answer.'


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