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Some plants do not have flowers. Plants such as ferns, mosses and mushrooms make spores instead of seeds. Ferns make their spores under their leaves. They look like brown spots on the bottom of the leaves.

Agronaut Log LogoEntry 13: We learned in Mission 1 that the Moon does not have an atmosphere. This means that there is no wind on the Moon. We know that there are no animals on the Moon. So how could pollen be transferred between plants and plant parts on the Moon? Write your ideas in your Agronaut Log.

There are still other ways to grow a new plant! A bulb is a tiny packaged-plant that has everything necessary to grow a new plant. Bulbs have carbohydrates to feed the plant and places for the roots to start growing. Everything is wrapped up very neatly in a tunic. The tunic protects the bulb from drying out. Inside the bulb are scale leaves. They are baby leaves that hold stored food for the bulb.

Other ways to grow new plants are with tubers and cuttings. A tuber is a fat stem that grows underground and is used for food storage for plants. A cutting is a piece of a plant's stem, root, or leaf that is planted and grows roots.

Clipart of Tate sitting in a recliner watching tv underneath the ground.  Tate has a speech bubble saying, 'I'm a tuber.'

Agronaut Log LogoEntry 14: Can you find examples of plants that are grown from bulbs, tubers and cuttings? Write your examples in your Agronaut Log and talk to your teacher and classmates about your examples.


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