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We have also learned about composting, which is a very important idea for scientists who are studying how to grow plants in space. Remember, there is not much room in space. That means there is not much room for scraps and trash, either. The great thing about plants is that they can be turned into compost and used over and over to replenish the nutrients in the soil. This practice would help cut down on the waste in space. What a great way to recycle.

Last, but not least, plants provide other benefits to the astronaut crew. The astronauts are in space for a long time, and having green, growing plants helps them to stay happy and excited about their work. Can you imagine not seeing grass, trees or plants for months, or even years?

Agronaut Log LogoEntry 29: What do your enjoy most about plants? Is it pretty flowers or fresh fruits and vegetables? Write a poem about how much you appreciate the plants on Earth. Record this in your Agronaut Log.
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