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Blackberry Diagnostic Tool

This website is a collaborative effort of researchers and extension specialists that have repsonsibilites for blackberry production in the eastern United States. Thanks to Phil Brannen, Guido Schnabel, John Clark, Hannah Burrack, and others for providing images.


Click on the most appropriate description.

Canes and/or laterals

General decline in plant vigor

Canes exhibit abnormal or stunted growth

Canes, fruiting laterals, or tips are wilting and collapsing

Canes with spots/discolored areas


Leaves are unusually colored, spotted, or necrotic

Leaves are curled, rolled, or crinkled

Leaves are chewed or have holes in them

Flowers and fruit

Flowers are damaged

Something is chewing on the fruit

Fruit are discolored or have spots

Fruit are rotting prior to harvest

Roots and crown

Crown or roots have unusual growth

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