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Blackberry Diagnostic Tool

Leaves Are Unusually Colored, Spotted, or Necrotic

Herbicide Damage

Gramoxone on leaves. Plants can usually overcome this damage if it is isolated. Symptoms can be varied.


Surflan damage in young primocanes



Orange rust is a systemic fungal disease and infected plants never recover. Orange spots occur on the undersides of leaves, but can appear on canes.

Orange rust

Late rust

blackberry late rust

Small white dots throughout a leaf typically found in lower dense foliage is a result of spider mite infestation. Mites and eggs can be seen on the underside of leaves along with delicate webbing.

spider mites

Pierces disease is a bacterial disease that is lethal to grapevines, and has been detected in wild blackberry in western North Carolina. At this time, it is not thought to be a problem in blackberry.

Pierces disease

Veins are yellow or necrotic, leaves have ringspots or yellow blotches (go to virus section)

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