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Course Personnel


Dr. Betty L. Black received a B.A. degree in Biology from Lindenwood College, an M.S. degree from Vanderbilt University, and a Ph.D. from Washington University (St. Louis). She pursued postdoctoral studies at Washington University Medical School and is currently a Professor of Biology. She conducts research on development of embryonic intestine and teaches courses in Developmental Anatomy, Functional Histology, and Animal Diversity as well as the DE sections of BIO 181 and 183. Dr. Black is responsible for the course website and all aspects of the "lecture" part of the course.
Lashunn Gardin received his BSc in Recreation Administration from North Carolina Central University and has gone on to complete a post-baccalaureate in premedical studies from North Carolina Central University. He then completed the Medical Educational Developmental (MED) summer program at UNC School of Medicine. Lashunn is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in physiology from NC State University. After which, he intends to apply to medical school.